We have gained a lot of experience in Lean-Agile Process Engineering and Lean-Agile Compliance with Applied SAFe and other process endeavors in the past years. Our people regularly have speeches at international conferences in USA & Europe like (Agile in Automotive, OOP, CMMI World Conference, Stages Insight Detroit, Swiss Quality Day).

As we have been approached by customers that they would also like to participate in Lean-Agile workshop/trainings we offer as of today the following new public trainings:


Lean-Agile Process Engineering

This two-day workshop will discuss concepts, risks and possible solutions on how to organize, design, process and manage process engineering in an agile environment. As it is stated in the agile manifesto: ‘individuals and interactions over processes and tools.’; in large scale companies building the most important systems, people, knowledge and auditable processes are usually a given and a prerequisite to even stay in business.

Learn and discuss on how to systematically reach lean-agile process engineering. The goal is to achieve processes, helping system and software-dependent enterprises to achieve better business outcomes, increase employee engagement, improve economics and to support your company’s journey towards scaled agility.
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Lean-Agile Compliance

This two-day workshop will discuss concepts, risks and possible solutions on how to reach compliance and still use the benefits of scaled agile systems development as propagated by the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). You will learn how to systematically reach compliance on a given internal or external reference model and how to use existing process assets (like SOP’s) to achieve lean sustainable compliance to reference frameworks like ISO standards or SPICE Assessments in your company.

This is the foundation that will support the growth of your processes for building complex cyber-physical systems – from teams to enterprise – simple to complex.
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Lean-Agile HR with SAFe® 4.0

This one day workshop addresses various aspects of modern people solutions and provides guidance on how to align HR with the demands and realities of a SAFe lean-agile organization to bring people operations into the 21st century with lean-agile values and principles.

Gain insights from modern scientific findings, best practices and trends in organizational excellence and develop a toolbox of solutions, best practices, insights and ideas.

Benefit from the experience and mindset of others through team exercises, integrated case study, hands-on activities and open space sessions.
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PEDCO @ Capability Counts 2017: Scaled Agility in Regulated Environments

Peter Pedross – CEO @ PEDCO has been accepted as a speaker at the Capability Counts 2017 Conference organized by the CMMI Institute. The conference will take place in Alexandria (VA), USA on May 16/17th 2017.

Topic of his speech in the track ‘Government’ is ‘Scaled Agility in Regulated Environments’.

Peter Pedross has also been a speaker at the CMMI 2014 world conference in Arlington, where he spoke about ‘Experience with CMMI in a large-scale environment’. At this past conference it was clearly stated by the vast majority of present lead appraisers that a CMMI Maturity Level 5 can be reached with agile methods. We are really curious to see who the journey has continued world wide. Join this upcoming conference if you are interested to learn from high-class enterprises.

For program or further information please visit the link below.
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Applied SAFe® for High-Assurance Development Bundle

This training and coaching bundle is intended for those enterprises or organizations in high assurance system and software development who want to leverage lean-agile practices while still reaching compliance on given internal or external reference models (e.g. Automotive SPICE, CMMI, IEC 62304). Scaled Agility and its practices for such complex cyber-physical systems is trained on Applied SAFe®, the unique implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) as an executable process model.

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