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Applied SAFe® for Metric Engineers

In this 2 days course you will gain the knowledge needed to deeply understand the mechanics of metrics in Applied SAFe®, how the metric model can be altered, extended and integrated with the existing tool landscape. This is a complementary course to ‘Applied SAFe® Engineering’ and usually does not make sense taking without the knowledge of an Applied SAFe® Process Engineer.


  • Metric Engineers, Process Engineers
  • Quality Managers, Process Managers

Learning Objectives

After this course, you should be able to:

  • Create new metrics within Applied SAFe®
  • Apply metrics to your own data and used tools
  • Understand the ‘Goal, Question, Metric-Paradigm’ and its application within Applied SAFe®
  • Identify deficits and risks, and introducing appropriate measures
  • Enhance the model in the spirit and architecture of Applied SAFe® including using, altering the Applied SAFe® Modelling Guideline
  • Document and prepare metrics and its underlying model in a way suited to Applied SAFe® and your company


  • Hands-on experience in enhancing Applied SAFe® on PEDCO’s Applied SAFe® Playground
  • Process modeling guidelines
  • Using the BIRT Designer
  • Creating Stages BIRT Reports
  • Creating Stages Data Collector
  • Reading file content from a Stages CMS profile
  • Reading process information
  • Reading Issues from Stages
  • Reading data collector results
  • Collecting external data (e.g. JDBC database)
  • Debugging of BIRT scrips
  • Extend metric process elements with BIRT reports
  • Dashboard and reporting capabilities


2 Days


There is a maximum of twelve and a minimum of four participants per class.

German or English, Training Material in English

PRICE (Global Delivery, only In-House)
USD 1’960 excl. VAT / Participant
USD 15’680 excl. VAT / In-House Course*
*max. 12 Participants, infrastructure must be provided from company. A temporary access right on is needed for each participant.

Based on your specific requirements we organize this training as your individual company in-house course. Get in touch to discuss all potential options and its cost at