PEDCO Newsletter June 2017

Get a glimpse on latest achievements and a brief outlook about next upcoming topics around Applied SAFe and our services, trainings and global partnerships: [...]

Scaled Agility in Regulated Environments

Innovation and efficiency have reached new heights and the combination of such things into cyber physical systems has led to more complex and interdependent systems. [...]

Scaled Agility in Regulated Environments: Discussion in Washington & Chicago

We would like to invite you to discuss experience and different ways on how to reach the outcomes of Scaled Agility in regulated environments, e.g. [...]


We come across a lot of very good information from contacts at PEDCO with Applied SAFe and the application of scaled agility in regulated [...]

Lean-Agile Workshops on HR, Process Engineering and Compliance

We have gained a lot of experience in Lean-Agile Process Engineering and Lean-Agile Compliance with Applied SAFe and other process endeavors in the past [...]

SAFe in Stages, the Scaled Agile Framework in Practice with Applied SAFe

Applied Agile Practices for Large-scale Organizations Agile is a new standard in the development paradigm and in the industry. The challenges of ‘Agile at [...]

PEDCO News Letter 2017

We give you an outlook to 2017, our new training offerings and a short summary on what we have accomplished last year. Dear Customers, Partners [...]

SAFe Summit 2016

Between October 25-28th, over 400 attendees from 17 countries trekked to Colorado for the first SAFe Summit, making it the largest gathering of its kind [...]

Start small and cost-effective with Applied SAFe® 4.0 Essential (Matterhorn Edition)

With our latest product release Applied SAFe 4.0 Matterhorn Edition we provide additionally a minimal configuration named Applied SAFe® Essential that includes only the essential [...]

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