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Materials for you

Applied SAFe Brochure Download

Applied SAFe Brochure

Applied SAFe Factsheet Download

Applied SAFe Factsheet

Applied SAFe Placemat Download

Applied SAFe Placemat

PEDCO – What we do in 90 seconds

Applied SAFe

Applied SAFe 4.6: Features, Advantages & Benefits

Applied SAFe and its Partner Program in 10 Minutes

Learning Nugget: Customize and Extend


Scaling Agile in Regulated Environments

Learning Nugget: Establish Compliance

Scaling Agile in Regulated Environments: Addressing the Challenges of Compliance

Agile Development of Physical Products in a Regulatory Environment (German)

SAFe 4.0 – jetzt kann agil erwachsen werden – Skaliert agile Prozesse im regulierten Umfeld (German)

Value Stream

Learning Nugget: Solution work products on SAFe Value Stream Level

Learning Nugget: Value Stream and Budgeting on Portfolio

Lean Agile

Lean Agile Requirements in Large Scale Complex Systems

Mixing Agile and other Life Cycles in Large Scale Complex Environments

Previous Versions of Applied SAFe

Applied SAFe 4.5: Features, Advantages & Benefits

SAFe in Stages – the Scaled Agile Framework in Practice

Applied SAFe 4.0: Implementation and its Mechanisms

Applied SAFe 3.5: Introduction

News & Demo Matterhorn with Essential SAFe – Oct. 2016