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Applied SAFe® Learn, Innovate and Improve

Most regulatory requirements request to establish Learn, Innovate and Improve.

Applied SAFe comes with an built-in agile organizational learning system. We have pre-built the needed processes, so that a company can learn as a system and not as individuals. The goal is to enable an organizational development according to changing business objectives.

  • Use defined and seamlessly integrated processes for organizational learning
  • Benefit from proven best practices; from the Applied SAFe Community so customers do not have to invent everything by yourself.
  • Use pre-set mappings to compliance models like CMMI, Automotive SPICE, IEC 62304, ISO 13485 and others.
  • Learn and benefit mutually from other leading enterprises in the industry. Use the built in Knowledge Management system to maximize innovation and improvement of your value delivery.

The following details explain learning, innovation and improvement with Applied SAFe®.


The sections below contain screen shots of the actual implementation of Applied SAFe®, they serve as testimonials of what the product looks and feels like.

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Built in organizational learning processes

  • Use defined metrics and proven best practices, so that you can benefit from the first day on.
  • Ensure that knowledge doesn’t get lost; and people get inspired to question the status quo.
  • Ensure, that feedback cycles and improvements from the various levels are taken into account and lead to a structured improvement of PAL

Processes as shown on the right serve the following purpose.

  • Start / iterate with an assessment of the current processes and the reflection of strategic goals.
  • Define processes so that repeatable business objectives are met and improvements are welcome and managed.
  • Ensure that improvements and process changes are piloted, trained and verified.
  • Let the right people get trained so that they get the needed skills with Organizational Learning.
  • Steer and control the organizational learning system with our governance processes.

Easy access to give and get feedback for all

Members of Teams, Programs, Value Streams, Portfolio and Enterprise can add annotations to every process element of Applied SAFe at any given time.

  • These annotations will be collected by the specific roles of each level (e.g. Scrum Master on Team) with the help of predefined metrics.
  • They serve as an input for improvement stories or knowledge assets.
  • Once an annotation has been entered, the specific field gets highlighted in orange.

Feedback can be given on all levels, various roles are requested to gather available information to relentlessly improve the current understanding. E.g.

  • Phase Learn (all levels)
  • Innovation & Planning (Team)
  • Daily stand-up (Team)
  • Inspect & adapt (Program & Value Stream)
  • Collect Metrics (Portfolio)
  • Compile Process Improvement Plan (Enterprise)
  • Learnings compiled (MS: Enterprise)

Perform experienced learning from the Applied SAFe® community

Applied SAFe offers for free to incorporate customers best practices into Applied SAFE. This has the advantage that all customers will benefit from the added knowledge in the community.

  • Practices will be anonymized to be helpful for all users of Applied SAFe.
  • Anonymization and further maintenance will be done by PEDCO.
  • Practices will name also its origin and the person to earn the fame (if allowed  by the customer).
  • Customer will not have to care about further maintenance, because it is part of the managed content of Applied SAFe.
  • Benchmark with the best in class in Scaled Agility.


Get more information on PEDCO Applied SAFe features, license models, scaled agility and compliance.