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Process Engineering / Outsourcing

We support you in the migration or improvement of existing processes, development of new processes and especially in mappings of lean-agile processes to given reference frameworks.  We also operate your Process Engineering Group (SEPG) as an outsourced service – move those activities into our responsibility. Our managed process services can also be combined with our product Applied SAFe.

Often companies have all their process descriptions and defined templates stored in a number of different (legacy) platforms or just as descriptions in Office documents. Migrating such process content into a common and easy to use the open platform is quite a challenge. Analysing such content and migrating it to a state-of-the-art process model is one of our core competencies.


  • Reduce your effort to create a migration approach and speed-up the design of your common process model.
  • Templates and work products are defined in a sophisticated work product model to avoid overlaps and increase interfaces and transparency.
  • Users gain fast and easy access to needed templates and helpful practices for their daily work.

Extend your process development capacity with our specific knowledge and skills. We develop new processes from scratch or based on existing standard models. Use our in-depth skills to engineer light-weight work product models and easy to use practice libraries as part of your onsite team.


  • We construct processes that are optimally suited to your needs and within best practices of elegant process design.
  • Our expertise – e.g. the separation of the project (often transient) and application (often long-living) artifacts – releases you from the task of having to start from scratch.
  • We are not tied to specific tools or modes of approach. Therefore, we build your processes independently and with a focus on your organisation.

Actual experience gained from your endeavors is recorded by us as best practice and made available for your whole user community. We not only record the new practice but propose process changes and collect examples and fully embed these in the framework. These are customer-specific extensions made on request.


  • Experience gained in your endeavors is transferred to the process framework very cost-effectively and your organization benefits from the collective knowledge.
  • Higher employee motivation as know-how is exchanged very easily. We come and visit, gather the know-how and let all the others share the knowledge.
  • The employees can simply offer themselves and their experience as a contribution to the processes and thus “make a name for themselves” as a regular contributor.

Outsource some or all of your process engineering tasks into our responsibility and benefit from higher professionalism and lower cost as part of the service level agreement. Potential improvements regarding agile processes, industry-specific reference models or integrated customizations complement our sophisticated service.


  • Concentrate on your core business areas while receiving state-of-the-art quality and process management service including cost-efficiency based on scaling effects.
  • Benefit from our experience not only in process engineering but also in lean-agile product development and compliance.
  • Excellent know-how transfer – existing and established processes are improved based on common best practices and periodic user feedback.

The mapping of defined reference models like Automotive SPICE, CMMI, CTR-180 (FDA), ISO 9000 and many more to agile methodologies is a challenge if you do not have deep knowledge of agile frameworks. We support you in the transformation of your existing processes into an agile methodology while staying compliant with your given standards.


  • Shorten engineering time for your individual agile product development method within given regulatory constraints.
  • Extend your existing and proven processes with validated best practices from the global agile community.
  • Optionally benefit from the already available solution Applied SAFe, a comprehensive and customizable implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) as a process model.

Are you looking for a sophisticated process platform? Are you already using the process platform Stages from Method Park and need additional engineering capacity? We are very experienced experts with in-depth skills not only in process design but also in the effective use of the tailoring features, different instantiation, and deployment mechanisms as well as compliance mappings to a number of reference models.


  • Use Stages not only for common process documentation but also for individually customized process models that exclude unnecessary waste for your projects.
  • Understand and apply different instantiation and deployment mechanisms to refine and better structure your process models.
  • Combine customization and compliance with the integrated automated tailoring feature.

Our analysis and tuning tool helps you assess, adapt and continually improve your processes, thus increasing your efficiency and optimising your competitiveness.

Get in touch to discuss your specific challenge and how we can support you with our coaching, mentoring, consulting and training capabilities.