Our Applied SAFe® training will increase your capability in effectively applying scaled agility over the whole enterprise.

We train your LACE/Quality team with all the tools and knowledge to implement, adapt, and enlarge Applied SAFe® to truly reflect your company’s individuality.

We also arrange training for your organization on overall SAFe® , together with our hand-selected partners. They are focusing on leadership training for the management, portfolio steering, product line development, and its successful change approach and are all trained for Applied SAFe.

All of our training can be provided remotely!

  • We use first-class methods and tools to provide a natural feeling (e.g. Google Class, Slack, Jamboard, etc.).
  • All our trainers are certified SAFe Remote Trainers.

Applied SAFe®

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Learn how to get started, enhance and use Applied SAFe® as an extendable, customizable and comprehensive implementation of SAFe® as a process model. The contained courses are built to help you understand how to use the solution the best way, how to instantiate, tailor and adopt Applied SAFe® to your needs and how to achieve regulatory compliance.


Trainings | Workshops | Packages

Specific topics around lean-agile development are our passion. Areas like Governance, Compliance, Human Resources, Portfolio Management, Architecture, Product Development and many more will be covered step-by-step. Do not hesitate do get in touch in case you have an additional topic you would like to see in our training curriculum.

Process Engineering

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Benefit from our mature development experience with process engineering on the Stages platform. We gained in-depth skills not only on process design but also in the effective use of the tailoring features, different instantiation and deployment mechanisms as well as compliance mappings to a number of reference models and much more. Get inspired!