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Our solution – Managed Process Services

PEDCO – Managed Process Services make your development processes more efficient, less risky, and compliant with the regulations. Our product is based on years of experience and has been tried and tested in the widest range of sectors and organisations.

PEDCO – Managed Process Services are modular in design and can be used for individual projects or in the whole project portfolio, as required. The processes and the compliance requirements can be precisely adapted to the specific needs of your development organisation.

PEDCO Lifecycle Services

We support you in all matters relating to assessment, production or transfer of your existing processes, and their management. They serve the management, production and continuous further development of the processes offered to the customers.

PEDCO Process Services

PEDCO Process Services form the core of our product. They are all centered on tailor-made process frameworks. This consists of several process models. Automatic tailoring supports the team in selecting and tailoring a model for a specific endeavors.

PEDCO Capability Services

PEDCO Capability Services ensure that the processes are actually practiced in a reliable and efficient way. They ensure that the employees’ understanding of the processes and/or their skill levels for the specified roles match the requirements.

  • Do you want to design your processes in a form as flexible as possible and have them continually improved by a specialist firm?
  • Do you want to externalise the compliance of your processes and the monitoring of them?
  • Do you want to benefit from current applicable process models while still retaining correct change management?
  • Do you want to spread the burden of the further development of software development processes onto several shoulders and keep on improving the processes by drawing on the experience of other companies?

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  • Is your process management team too small to maintain a professional process framework?
  • Do you want to externalise the further development and maintenance of software development processes?
  • Do you want to cut back on positions in the non-core areas of your enterprise?

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  • Do you want an unbiased project monitoring?
  • Do you want an overview of the status of your processes and projects?
  • Do you want to have compliance monitored by a neutral party?

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  • Do you want to externalise the training for your processes?
  • Do you want to be sure that the skills management of your employees is done consistently?
  • Do you want the skills of your staff to be aligned to all the requirements?

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