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Applied SAFe Value Proposition

Agile is a new standard in the development paradigm and in the industry. The challenges of ‘Agile at Scale’ are realized every day. The only method out there for agility at scale is the Scaled Agile Framework. PEDCO has direct access to the thought leadership and all the content of SAFe, the Scaled Agile Framework, which is the de-facto standard for agility at scale. Combined with that we have access to Stages, the world leading process management tool and we as system integrators have integrated both the framework and the platform into our product called Applied SAFe.

Applied SAFe works for those organizations who are in highly complex, highly compliant and auditable organizations such as Automotive, Defense, Aerospace, Medical and Finance. These organizations depend on their process and their process authoring and being able to stand up in terms of an audit or against an audit. PEDCO created the product Applied SAFe which creates a dynamic where you can author your entire process and instantiate to your community internal or external and ensure that you have the best and most compliant process for your organization.

With Applied SAFe you have both the power and capability to support the growth of your process – from teams to enterprise – simple to complex – Applied SAFe has the tools, options and support to achieve the enterprise goals and outcomes all while staying compliant with the organizations internal, external and regulated requirements.

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  • Start fast and minimize Cost of Delay
  • Build on a full and crystal clear implementation and sharpen discussions with precise definitions for work products, processes and its activities, roles (incl. RASIC), metrics, milestones, phases and guidelines
  • Foster transparency and enable people to excel at their best with defined roles and responsibilities
  • Rely on a solid and approved implementation an stay on top of the current development in the industry
  • Stay in sync with the latest development of SAFe
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel; save years of definition work and maximize focus on value delivery
  • Use prebuilt tailoring to execute specifically tailored processes, reflecting exact needs on all levels
  • Reduce waste and safe money by flowing within compliance boundaries to achieve highest efficiency and compliance
  • Control and steer process adherence by using existing metrics
  • Minimize adoption investment and extend with your own processes, practices or SOP’s
  • Establish organizational process focus with built-in enterprise capabilities including process definition, process management, governance and process innovation
  • Ensure compliance with reference models like CMMI, A-SPICE, IEC 62304, CTR-180 (FDA), …
  • Use your own or specific reference models
  • Be agile, efficient and compliant to regulatory requirements
  • Enable to reduce waste due to misunderstood process adherence and prove compliance on each tailored instance
  • Establish organizational learning, process definition, knowledge management, training, governance and process innovation with our built-in capabilities and fulfill regulated environments
  • Use additional processes like risk management and product management (ISPMA)
  • Allow your company to learn as a system by using defined processes for organizational learning
  • Improve and optimize continuously with built-in enterprise capabilities including organizational learning, knowledge management, training, governance and process innovation
  • Establish organizational relentless improvement to maximize use of available knowledge
  • Continuously improve and optimize your organizational overall performance
  • Benefit from proven best practices and mutually from other leading enterprises in the industry
  • Ensure feedback cycles and structured improvement to maximize innovation and improvement