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Lean-Agile Transformation

Today’s VUCA world demands lean and agile processes also in the context of large organizations, complex product lines or regulatory compliance. We support you in all matters relating to the portfolio, product or quality management, requirements engineering and emergent design as well as change and transformation initiatives based on lean-agile leadership principles.

To benefit from the full power of agile methods and a lean mindset those principles need to be scaled to higher levels or even the whole enterprise than just to the development team. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is the most adopted agile scaling methodology globally. We enable you to achieve a successful transformation.


  • Launch your first Agile Release Train (ART) successfully within weeks.
  • Create a lean-agile working environment that scales smoothly from teams over programs, products and external suppliers up to portfolios.
  • Collaborate easily with non-agile teams or suppliers via a common well-aligned hybrid development model.

With our Fitness Check we check and evaluate your current SAFe implementation. In a first step we collect your special point of interests and analyse your landscape accordingly. The result is a detailed report that also includes any weaknesses or opportunities for improvement in your implementation.


  • Understand any deficiencies in your current implementation.
  • Ensure that your implementation, including processes, roles, work products, tailoring, diversity and also the handling of process information as a whole, are assessed in a structured and independent manner.
  • Have the assurance that your company is at the cutting edge of the SAFe implementation and that there is nothing more to be done.

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Understand the lean-agile principles in the context of product management. Avoid big upfront design and start to collaborate effectively with your development teams and stakeholders. Apply effective backlog management and splitting of backlog items to increase team and product delivery speed. We enable you to achieve a successful transformation.


  • Early delivery of a minimal viable product (MVP) to start user validation and feedback cycles.
  • Effective application of epic, capability, feature and story splitting techniques to achieve a constant flow and capacity utilization based on WIP limits.
  • Clients get more value delivered and feel closely engaged resulting in higher satisfaction.

In a VUCA world, product and project portfolio management has to be executed more flexible. Apply beyond budgeting principles and say goodbye to fix defined portfolio targets. Focus on value streams with the highest client value based on periodic feedback cycles from your running product and service initiatives. We enable you to achieve a successful mindset change.


  • Understand beyond budgeting principles and steer your portfolio with adaptive leadership practices.
  • Apply refined portfolio metrics that let you better focus on delivered client value instead of cost targets.
  • Execute successfully your tailor-made portfolio Kanban to smoothly coordinate and align large value streams and create architectural flow.

Quality assurance, assessments, process engineering and deployment including your governance system have to understand lean-agile principles and practices to serve your development organization efficiently while keeping compliant with internal and external regulatory requirements. The discipline and feedback cycles in an agile environment foster quality even better. We enable you to achieve a successful mindset change.


  • Map agile delivery practices to given reference frameworks and regulatory requirements and stay compliant.
  • Understand emergent design techniques to better challenge and define a minimal description and documentation requirements in relation to the product lifecycle.
  • Integrate your quality management system and metrics into the feedback cycles of your agile product development.

Keeping pace with client demand while keeping technical debt under control is a challenge for large-scale system development. In an agile setup, emergent design practices and intentional architecture combined with agreed capacity allocations for client, architecture and infrastructure features ensure to balance both sustainably. We enable you to achieve a successful transformation.


  • Transparent, understood, and well-aligned decisions regarding client value delivery, complexity reduction, and operational cost.
  • Effective application of epic, capability, feature and story splitting techniques in requirements engineering to achieve a constant flow and capacity utilization based on WIP limits.
  • Close and constant collaboration between agile teams, architects and product management.

Make your agile transformation healthiness visible and measure the performance and health of your teams and organization with AgilityHealth, a powerful agile measurement, and organizational growth platform. It offers several radars for assessing teams, programs, product lines, portfolios or individual health.


  • Understand your team’s & organization’s health by seeing both qualitative & quantitative metrics.
  • Growth plans help individuals, teams, program, portfolios and enterprise leaders focus on the most important areas they want to improve in the next few months.
  • View radars over time & see how the team’s health has evolved quarter by quarter or year by year.

We ensure that your processes are applied properly in your organisation and run smoothly.

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