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Process Execution / Outsourcing

Do you want to operate some processes or improvement initiatives by an external partner? Whether it is a fitness check or comprehensive SWOT analysis, the operation of your review board, metrics or benchmarking evaluations, just get in touch to discuss your specific needs so that you can focus on your core competencies while benefiting from our knowledge and capabilities.

With the Process Fitness Check, we examine and assess your current process landscape. In an initial step, we pose important questions and analyse your process landscape accordingly. The result is a detailed report that also covers any weak points or options for improvement in the process landscape.


  • An independent assessment helps you to determine any defects in the current process landscape.
  • In the ideal case, you gain the assurance that your company is up to date with the latest process technology and nothing needs to be done.
  • A fast and brief assessment helps you to survey your current situation.

The PEDCO team organises and hosts a two-day workshop and carries out a SWOT analysis of your process landscape together with your stakeholders. Together we analyse the current situation for the process organisation.


  • You receive a SWOT analysis of your process landscape.
  • You are given suggestions and opinions from independent and external specialists.
  • You get an insight into the way we think and operate.

Completely outsource the execution and operations of your product development and project management framework into our web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) Stages platform, a cloud service provided in close collaboration with Method Park. Decide upon your suitable process engineering collaboration model, fully or partially outsourced as described in the Process Engineering Outsourcing Service.


  • Reliably hosted a flexible and standards-based online platform with all the needed processes, methods and artefacts for product development and project management.
  • Automated tailoring of processes, practices, artefacts, etc. for easy customization to provide light-weight processes to the development community.
  • Unique separation of application and project-related data and documents allows a maximum level of re-use (e.g. product architecture documentation).

We regularly inspect one or more of your endeavors (e.g. quarterly, related to milestones) for specified critical key points. In doing this we not only examine the formal criteria. The review in fact also deals with the content of the documents to comply with defined standards and sector-specific requirements.

This service is of particular interest for smaller and medium-sized companies that feel unsure about the way their endeavors are executed or are dissatisfied with their process.


  • You gain a neutral view of your endeavors, their results and its compliance with standards and regulatory requirements.
  • You do not need to create any part-time position for this type of task.
  • You can assure that internal politics or personal standpoints do not influence the reviews, as such, receive objective feedback.

We survey your projects individually or your project portfolio as a whole by using the process web provided within Process Execution Service. We not only do the numbers for the work products but also examine to see whether they are really serving a purpose and are feasible. In cases of doubt, we discuss the work products with the people responsible for them.

This includes the following metrics:

  • The simple quantity of all work products according to the work product model.
  • Derived metrics (ratios between the work products).
  • Process metrics: Changes in the metrics over time.
  • Product metrics: Measurement of all work products in an application, independent of the project.

The benchmarking service is a comparative, anonymous metric service, which compares its own metrics with the peers or with all the clients of PEDCO, and shows you where your organisation stands regarding process efficiency.


  • Easy comparison with peers or competitors.
  • A realistic assessment of your own SWOT profile.
  • A relevant basis for decision-making in the field of project or process improvements.

Have smooth-running, precise and lean processes. We help your organization to shift up a gear in the execution of challenging projects within regulated environments.

Get in touch to discuss your specific challenge and how we can support you with our coaching, mentoring, consulting and training capabilities.