PEDCO’s Applied SAFe Partners are companies that believe in agility at scale to successfully transform organizations towards a Lean-Agile culture. They have developed significant expertise in supporting large enterprises including companies within regulated environments through every phase of a Lean-Agile transformation. Our partners are all trained in Applied SAFe and committed to bringing your company to success.

  • Collaboration Partner: Close collaboration for business demand, innovation and development for our solution Applied SAFe®
  • Transformation Partner: Our selected partners are trained to successfully transform your teams, programs, portfolios or even the whole enterprise onto Applied SAFe®
  • Tooling Partner: Selected tool providers with solutions that either extend the functionality of Applied SAFe® or make your transformation journey faster and easier

What our partners say about Applied SAFe

“Having done several SAFe® implementations and been through many discussions on how to implement the framework, it has been truly amazing to see how PEDCO’s Applied SAFe® can improve current and future implementations. The way Applied SAFe® highlights the configuration possibilities of the SAFe® framework and makes roles, responsibilities, and processes very clear, without doubt, it saves a lot of time. Not to mention the superb support in regards to mapping to reference models from regulated environments to help ensure process compliance. We are truly thrilled to partner with PEDCO and to introduce Applied SAFe® to the great benefit of our clients in the Nordics.”

Søren Westh, Agile Transformation Leader and Partner, Safe Journey

“Be Agile is honoured to be appointed as the first partner to PEDCO in Africa to bring the Applied SAFe® solution to our clients. In our continuous drive to enable our clients to “be agile” rather than just do agile, we see the Applied SAFe® solution as a key ingredient in managing and visualising the various stages and steps of an agile transformation programme. Embracing and enabling agile across the breadth and depth of an organisation is a major change programme and is full of complexity. It is this complexity that normally leads an organisation to follow a methodology religiously, rather than seeing it as a framework that must be adjusted and customised to suit that particular organisation. Whilst Applied SAFe® does visualise the full “process” of the Scaled Agile Framework, it also allows organisations the flexibility to follow their own flow that enables them to become a great deal more agile. We see this as the differentiating value-add of Applied SAFe.”

Myles HopkinsMyles Hopkins, Business Agility Strategist, Be Agile

We are excited about partnering with PEDCO and about linking AgilityHealth with Applied SAFe, so we can now offer AgilityHealth customers who want to scale using SAFe a seamless solution which combines the strengths of both platforms. AgilityHealth and Applied SAFe are both configurable and can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization; from a transformational perspective as well as from a process perspective. The combination of both platforms ensures we can help further drive continuous growth and produce measurable business outcomes based on metrics unique to our customers.

Sally Elatta, President, Agile Transformation Inc.

PEDCO is a very open and friendly company, whose huge experience in process engineering and SAFe resulted in great product which combines the latest trends in process engineering with ease of practical appliance on a big scale. To improve the thinking process, practicing running in the morning can help. Listening to webinars while running can feed the thinking process.

My first familiarity with PEDCO has begun from “SAFe in Stages” webinar on one of such runs. The second was conversations with Peter and meetings for the Quality Management training in Zurich. The future opens new opportunities for continuous improvement of everyone involved using the trusted methods and platform.  The Applied SAFe is a good example of how the model-based process engineering can help with the practical deployment of the process for the teams even in very complex and regulated environments. The visualization framework brings the process acceptance and improvement on the new level, which can be beneficial for customers aiming digital transformation at a scale.”

Ievgenii Vasiuk, GlobalLogic

“Medical device companies are often overwhelmed with regulatory requirements for their complex devices. With Applied SAFe these companies can not only prove that the development of complex physical products using SAFe still meets all regulatory requirements but also have a very performant tool to support a sustainable SAFe implementation. Together with our products, customers will almost immediately be able to develop medical device products.”

Dr. Marion Lempets, Managing Partner, Softcomply
“Implementing scaled agile organizations in regulated environment always means to define and to track agile processes. Applied SAFe is a very valuable tool for an agile transition project in such an environment. You need less time and less investment in work to be able to implement a complete agile standard process.”
Dr. Thorsten Janning, COO, KEGON

“We truly understand the challenges faced by our clients when implementing SAFe, particularly for those operating in regulated industries. By working in partnership, PEDCO and cPrime are uniquely positioned to provide customized and comprehensive enterprise-ready solutions for organizations wanting to adapt SAFe to their context. With PEDCO’s Applied SAFe, the potential to smooth the path to a full SAFe adoption that ultimately translates to high business value and customer delight is substantial.”

Eyal Abukasis, Chief Operations Officer, cPrime
“It is not enough that management commit themselves to quality and productivity, they must know what it is they must do. Such a responsibility cannot be delegated.” This quote from W. Edwards Deming accompanies me wherever I help companies to become more agile. Applied SAFe is an extraordinary tool doing exactly that: In a clear and precise way helping the people responsible to make a change to know what it is they must do.
Dr. Wolfgang Brandhuber, Accenture

Regulatory environments discouraged many companies from the manufacturing industries to start an agile transformation process. With Applied SAFe these companies can not only prove that the development of complex physical products using SAFe still meets all regulatory requirements but also have a very performant tool to support a sustainable SAFe implementation.

Dirk Meißner, Managing Partner, CO-Improve GmbH
“We are very excited to join PEDCO in a collaborating partnership. PEDCO’s Applied SAFe® is an outstanding product and we feel that every SAFe customer will love the guidance, metrics and lean governance process that it provides.”
Tonya McCaulley - Change Agent, Educator, Agile Coach, Public Speaker, Transparency Consulting Inc.

“Applied SAFe® elevates the core of enterprise agility predicated on the key premise of synchronization to an entirely new level. With UFG’s current business model squarely based on fostering comprehensive enterprise agility, this partnership is destined to garner powerful, compliance ready, end-to-end agile transformation solutions.”

Sean Cavandi, Managing Partner, UFIRST Group INC

Tool follows process… We are looking forward to leverage this approach together in this new partnership.PEDCO has put many man-years of experience in the Applied SAFe Process framework and the approach to introduce this in an organization.
This partnership will shorten the introduction of process and tools, so engineers can concentrate on creating value.

Karsten Sikora, SVA

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