Leverage SAFe as the primary established product development process

Sykyguide, a service organization for civil and military air navigation services has been using SAFe successfully for 17 PI cycles and it was the wish of the company to leverage SAFe as the primary established product development process.

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The actual implementation was not yet integrated with existing process assets and it was not ready to prove that safety measures and control mechanisms as stated from the government are fulfilled. Further challenges included not being as efficient in their daily work as expected, not able to scale agile within their organization, discussions on how to perform the ‘new way of working’, using tools in a constant manner and how to document developed solutions in a proper and agile manner.


In order to scale and to establish SAFe in the long run, it has been decided by the management that all SAFe processes have to integrate with the existing process asset library (e.g. system engineering with its practices, tools, work products, roles) and, in the same time, to prove compliance with federal laws of Switzerland and European Regulation Framework. It was decided to start with Applied SAFe as Lean QMS. The internal quality management team was trained by PEDCO to lead the further integration and adoption of Applied SAFe by themselves.


Today, the departments collaborate on a common model of deliverables, regardless of the used life cycle. SAFe processes are now individually customizable (e.g. for different SAFe Teams) and ensure the required flexibility. Explicit role responsibilities enable and eases cooperation and facilitates the exchange of employees between the business units. Implementing Applied SAFe enabled Skyguide to significantly reduce the reaction time for changes in their Agile processes.


Process flows were optimized and harmonized in workshops together with practitioners. Good and useful existing process assets are reused. As a result, the customer has achieved cross-department process understanding and simplified its workflows significantly.

  • Reached 100% compliance to federal laws and European regulations with scaled agile processes & instance based variation of configurations and needs
  • Optimized cooperation between business units and ramp-up time for new role assignments reduced by 2/3
  • 4 months duration to integrate existing process assets into SAFe, and to adapt SAFe processes to support special needs in Architecture, Deployment and Release, Safety Assessment, and Compliance Mgmt.
  • Common domain model allowed timely information creation and sharing
  • The organization executes lean-agile process engineering by itself after 5 days of training

Special remarks

Applied SAFe is built on the process management platform ‘Stages’ by UL Inc. The platform was not known to Skyguide at the beginning of the adaption. This shows how accessible this platform is also to new users!

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In Aerospace you can imagine that it’s difficult to establish an agile transformation process in the long run. With Applied SAFe®, we have been able to define the needed processes for our organization in a very short time. We combined the ‘new way of working’ with our existing knowledge on how to do system deployment; in a compliant and efficient manner.

Dr. Patricia Bomme, Skyguide

Skyguide - Applied SAFe in Aerospace

Sykyguide, a service organization for civil and military air navigation services has been using SAFe successfully and it was the wish of the company to leverage SAFe as the primary established product development process. Read in this case study how Applied SAFe was used as a solution to implement compliant SAFe processes, the benefits of the solution, and achieved results.

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