Applied SAFe Supplier Management:

In this recording of a webinar, we discuss ways of how to handle agile and traditional suppliers in a scaled agile environment, including practices like agile contracting and more.

Lean-Agile Enterprises deliver value to their Customers in the shortest possible lead time, with the highest possible quality. Suppliers support this mission by providing unique competencies and distinctive skills and solutions. They provide expertise that can accelerate and/or reduce the costs of solution delivery. Many solution trains and ARTs leverage suppliers and overall value delivery depend heavily on their performance.

Suppliers will use varying development and delivery methods. Nonetheless, the SAFe Enterprise treats suppliers as long-term business partners, involving them deeply in the solution. They also work with suppliers to actively help them adopt Lean-Agile Mindsets and practices to increase the economic benefit for both parties.

In this webinar, we will highlight how to deal with Supplier Management when implementing SAFe in regulated industries and how Applied SAFe can help.

In this webinar we:

  • Explore what Supplier Management looks like in the tradition and agile sense.
  • Look at the processes, activities, and practices involved.

If you wish to combine agility and efficiency together with compliance to regulatory requirements as well as focus on supplier management then this webinar is well worth your time.