Applied SAFe® provides
clarity in a
jungle of possibilities

Applied SAFe® is the navigation system for scaled agile collaboration. It helps you master complexity and aligns all stakeholders with clear instructions and structures.

Approved by Scaled Agile Inc.


Putting an end to growing pains

Create your own gold standard

The expansion and scaling of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) in companies is accompanied by various challenges. The increasing number of teams makes coordination and collaboration difficult and new hierarchies and roles have to be established, which leads to uncertaintyWith Applied SAFe® you put an end to these problems.

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With Applied SAFe you get a complete navigation system for SAFe®:

From determining your location to the most efficient route to reaching your destination!

The advantages of Applied SAFe®

Clarity increases productivity

Our globally unique solution combines agility with other critical enterprise concerns, creating clarity at all levels

Applied SAFe® is the only quality management system (QMS) approved by Scaled Agile Inc. to help you continuously improve and shape your approach while staying compliant with your regulations and reaping the benefits of SAFe®.

  • Create Clarity!
  • Master the Complexity!
  • Accelerate transformation!
  • Learn & Improve Relentlessly!

Individualized agility is
the key to your long-term success

Our globally unique solution makes it possible to combine agility with security and comprehensibility, creating clarity at all levels.

Agility makes your company flexible – individualized agility makes it unstoppable.

Well-known international corporations rely on Applied SAFe for a reason.