Applied SAFe®, is the only Scaled Agile Inc. approved Lean QMS that helps to track & design your SAFe Implementation while adhering to regulations and SAFe®.

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Automotive Supplier - Lean Process Implementation

See how Applied SAFe was used to implement compliant SAFe processes and how to integrate with existing system engineering practices.


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Skyguide - Applied SAFe in Aerospace

Sykyguide, a service organization for civil and military air navigation services has been using SAFe successfully and it was the wish of the company to leverage SAFe as the primary established product development process. Read in this case study how Applied SAFe was used as a solution to implement compliant SAFe processes, the benefits of the solution, and achieved results.

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Lean Process Transformation in a MedTech Organization

Discover how Applied SAFe helped a MedTech organization reduce its processes while still being agile.



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Lean Process Transformation in the Automotive Industry

See how Applied SAFe was able to ensure compliance to ASPICE using agile processes and the SAFe.


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Being Agile AND Regulatory Compliant at a Large Insurance Company

Read how Applied SAFe provided assurance to an insurance company's Agile processes and their risk controls (and to be compliant with their regulatory requirements).

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Instantiation and Tailoring in a Digital Transformation

Read how our Client dealt with having some endeavors that were running Agile and others not.


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Functional Safety (ISO 26262) in Applied SAFe
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The advantages of Applied SAFe®

Clarity increases productivity

Our globally unique solution combines agility with other critical enterprise concerns, creating clarity at all levels

Applied SAFe® is the only quality management system (QMS) approved by Scaled Agile Inc. to help you continuously improve and shape your approach while staying compliant with your regulations and reaping the benefits of SAFe®.

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