Applied SAFe Value Proposition

Applied SAFe is for: Organizations navigating the complexities of compliance in high-stakes industries such as automotive, defense, aerospace, medical, and finance.

Who: Need to implement agile methodologies at scale and maintain rigorous quality and compliance standards.

The: Applied SAFe is a fully-fledged, customizable solution that embodies the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) within a Lean Quality Management System.

Unlike: Other process management tools that offer a one-size-fits-all approach and require extensive configuration or bespoke development.

Our product: Provides a verified, out-of-the-box implementation of SAFe as a Lean-QMS that integrates seamlessly into highly regulated environments, enabling a faster, more reliable, and compliant path to agility at scale.

Which: Allows organizations to not only adopt agile practices but to tailor and extend them to meet their specific operational needs without the overhead of developing and validating a system from the ground up.

This means: Applied SAFe delivers the assurance of compliance with the added benefits of agility, efficiency, and scalability, ultimately accelerating time to market and supporting continuous improvement within the bounds of stringent regulatory frameworks.

Benefit: With Applied SAFe, your organization can confidently pursue innovation and growth, knowing that your process infrastructure is robust, compliant, and built for scalability.

  • Start fast and minimize Cost of Delay
  • Build on a full and clear implementation and sharpen discussions with precise definitions for work products, processes, and its activities, roles (incl. RASIC), metrics, milestones, phases and guidelines
  • Foster transparency and enable people to excel at their best with defined roles and responsibilities
  • Rely on a solid and approved implementation and stay on top of the current development in the industry
  • Stay in sync with the latest development of SAFe
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel; save years of definition work and maximize focus on value delivery
  • Use prebuilt tailoring options in Applied SAFe to execute specifically tailored processes which reflect the exact needs on all levels. This allows you to reduce waste and save money.
  • Exact tailored processes allow you to control and steer process adherence by using existing metrics.
  • Use crystal clear definitions and avoid constant discussions on how something is meant.
  • Applied SAFe’s architecture and implementation are built to be customizable and extendable in order to reduce your adoption and creation investment.
ISO26262 Question about ASIL Classification in Applied SAFe 5.0
  • Ensure compliance with reference models like CMMI, A-SPICE, IEC 62304, CTR-180 (FDA), etc.
  • Use your own or specific reference models
  • Be agile, efficient and compliant to regulatory requirements
  • Enable to reduce waste due to misunderstood process adherence and prove compliance on each tailored instance
  • Establish organizational learning, process definition, knowledge management, training, governance and process innovation with our built-in capabilities and fulfill regulated environments
  • Use defined and seamlessly integrated processes for organizational learning
  • Benefit from proven best practices; from the Applied SAFe Community so customers do not have to invent everything by yourself
  • Use pre-set mappings to compliance models like CMMI, Automotive SPICE, IEC 62304, ISO 13485 and others
  • Learn and benefit mutually from other leading enterprises in the industry. Use the built-in Knowledge Management system to maximize innovation and improvement of your value delivery
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Applied SAFe Ideation & Background

Agile has emerged as a leading methodology in the contemporary development landscape, setting a new benchmark for the industry. As organizations adopt Agile principles on a larger scale, the intricacies of implementing ‘Agile at Scale’ become increasingly evident. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is the predominant method for achieving agility on a grand scale, and PEDCO is at the forefront of this movement with privileged access to its thought leadership and comprehensive content.

Our exclusive partnership with SAFe has positioned us to incorporate its principles into our flagship offering, Applied SAFe. This product is a game-changer for organizations operating in rigorous and tightly-regulated environments such as automotive, defense, aerospace, medical, and financial sectors. These sectors demand robust process management, authoring, and compliance capabilities that can withstand stringent audits. Applied SAFe is PEDCO’s innovative solution, embodying a verified implementation of SAFe within a Lean Quality Management System (QMS), thus sparing our clients the arduous task of starting from scratch.

Applied SAFe is a testament to our dedication to seamless integration and adaptability. It empowers organizations to enhance and customize their processes in alignment with their unique operational needs, whether they’re internal or external. Our clients can instantiate these tailored processes across their organization, assuring that they adhere to the highest compliance standards.

With Applied SAFe, your organization gains the leverage to nurture and expand your processes. Whether scaling from a single team to an entire enterprise or tackling complexities that range from straightforward to multifaceted, Applied SAFe delivers a suite of tools, ready-to-use customization options, and robust support. Our commitment is to facilitate your enterprise’s objectives and desired outcomes, ensuring conformity with all levels of regulatory demands and internal policies.

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PEDCO’s history with Applied SAFe

In the fast-paced world of software development, Agile methodologies have revolutionized the way we think about and manage projects. However, as more organizations sought to implement these principles across larger, more complex systems, the challenge of ‘Agile at Scale’ emerged as a formidable obstacle. It was within this context that PEDCO, a visionary company, recognized an opportunity to lead the industry into a new era.

In 2014, PEDCO stepped forward with a groundbreaking solution, Applied SAFe, at a time when the technology industry was grappling with the challenge of implementing Agile methodologies at scale. This innovative product bridged the gap between the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and the pressing need for scalability within highly regulated industries such as aerospace, medical, automotive, defense, and finance.

Applied SAFe wasn’t just another offering in the market; it was a paradigm shift. It enabled these sectors, bound by strict compliance and rigorous auditing standards, to not only adopt Agile practices but to do so in a manner that was both sustainable and verifiable. PEDCO provided these organizations with a robust Lean Quality Management System, incorporating the best practices of SAFe, without the overwhelming burden of developing such complex systems from the ground up.

Over the years, the narrative of PEDCO and Applied SAFe has evolved significantly. The product that began as an innovative idea in 2014 has now transcended into a globally recognized solution. Today, Applied SAFe stands as a testament to PEDCO’s vision and commitment, successfully operating across more than three continents. This enduring relevance and adoption is a clear indicator of the product’s ability to meet the evolving demands of process management, authoring, and compliance.

Applied SAFe continues to empower organizations, offering a scalable, customizable, and compliant pathway to Agile transformation. With this tool, enterprises don’t just adapt SAFe principles; they embrace a tailored approach to process improvement that is as unique as their operational needs. The tool’s success, spanning multiple continents, reaffirms its status as a vital asset for organizations aiming to maintain the delicate balance between agility and regulatory compliance.

PEDCO’s history with Applied SAFe is not only about past achievements; it is a dynamic, ongoing story of providing value, fostering Agile maturity, and enabling organizations to thrive in the face of complex process management challenges. The product’s longevity and widespread usage stand as evidence of its effectiveness and the enduring foresight of PEDCO’s original mission.

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