All of our training can be provided remote!

  • We use first-class methods and tools to provide a natural feeling (e.g. Google Class, Slack, Jamboard, etc.).
  • All our trainers are certified SAFe Remote Trainers.
  • We speak English, German and French, on request we can provide all trainings in French (FR) as well!

Applied SAFe – Training

Learn how to get started, enhance, and use Applied SAFe® as an extendable, customizable, and comprehensive implementation of SAFe® as a Lean QMS.

The contained courses are built to help you understand how to use the solution the best way, how to instantiate, tailor and adopt Applied SAFe® to your needs and how to achieve regulatory compliance.

Training Applied SAFe
Quality Management
Applied SAFe Engineering Applied SAFe Deployment Applied SAFe Metric Engineering Applied SAFe Introduction
January 18-19 10-12
February 5-6
March 13-14 28-29
April 9-11 12
May 23-24 20-21 22
June 3-5 28
July 8-9 10
August 19-21
September 24 25
October 2-3 23-24
November 18-20 21
December 9-10

SAFe – Training –

Performed by our Applied SAFe certified partners.

Arranged by PEDCO – the inventor of Applied SAFe.

We are a Scaled Agile Silver Partner and have extensive experience applying SAFe in regulated environments. Learn from the unique Applied SAFe® solution partners with hands-on experience in SAFe® concepts and their applications with key practices and how to apply them to lead your Lean-Agile change initiative successfully.

Our partners are handpicked, local to your country, have specific expertise and an extremely broad experience in SAFe training and coaching….
and are trained to address the concerns with Applied SAFe directly!