Process Management 4.0 – A methodical approach to success

Where are your processes? In your head, in files on a shelf, in Word, PowerPoint, or in Stages?

In this workshop, learn why the evolutionary development of your processes towards a methodical approach of process management is necessary to cope with the challenges of increasing complexity and how we support you with the Stages Method.

For over 10 years, Method Park has gathered experience in process management together with its customers and has developed five core steps for effective process management: Goal definition, analysis of process capability, definition of Business Process Management (BPM) organization, process modeling and establishment of learning organizations. With this approach, create realistic processes which will not only be accepted by your employees but also support your organizational goals.

This workshop consists of presentations, exercises, and discussions and offers the opportunity to ask questions and exchange experiences. All participants receive detailed training documents and guidelines which support their daily work life.


  • Identification and definition of business and process management goals
  • Process analysis
  • Process architecture
  • Creation of process management organizations
  • Workflow for process definition and guidelines for modeling
  • Piloting of process roll-outs
  • Compliance management
  • Metrics and monitoring

Target audience

  • Process managers/owners/improvers, quality managers, management, decision makers, consultants, project managers


  • None

This training is licensed by methodpark and provided by long term process engineering specialists from PEDCO.

Workshop offered in collaboration with MethodPark

1 Day


There is a maximum of twelve and a minimum of four participants per class.

German or English, Training Material in English

PRICE (Global Delivery, Public or In-House)
USD 980 excl. VAT / Participant
USD 7’840 excl. VAT / In-House Course

Based on your specific requirements we organize this training as your individual company in-house course. Get in touch to discuss all potential options and its cost at