We make your processes lean-agile and more efficient, less risky, and if needed compliant with given regulations. You decide if you just want to get engineering guidance, select some specific execution services or benefit from a comprehensive outsourced service offering.

We support you in assessing, creating, evolving, and measuring your life cycles. One of our core competencies is the change to lean and agile methodologies in large organizations, for complex product lines, or in the context of regulatory compliance.

Our services can also be combined with our product, Applied SAFe®.

Lean-Agile Transformation

Today’s VUCA world demands lean and agile processes in the context of large organizations, complex product lines or regulatory compliance. We support you in all matters relating to the portfolio, product or quality management, requirements engineering and emergent design as well as change and transformation initiatives based on lean-agile leadership principles.

Processes and Activities in Applied SAFe

Process Engineering

We support you in the migration or improvement of existing processes, development of new processes and especially in mappings of lean-agile processes to given reference frameworks. We also operate your Process Engineering Group (SEPG) as an outsourced service – move those activities into our responsibility. Our managed process services can also be combined with our product Applied SAFe.

Process Execution

Do you want to operate some processes or improvement initiatives by an external partner? Whether it’s a fitness check or a comprehensive SWOT analysis,  metrics or benchmarking evaluations, get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs so that you can focus on your core competencies while benefiting from our knowledge and capabilities.

Get in touch to discuss your specific challenge and how we can support you with our coaching, mentoring, consulting and training capabilities.