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Establish Compliance with Minimal Effort

  • We created mappings from Applied SAFe to various reference models like CMMI, Automotive SPICE 3.0, IEC 62304, CTR-180 (FDA) and others.
  • Applied SAFe can further include and ensure compliance with other Reference Models like HIPPA or your own company-specific references models.
  • Therefore, be agile, efficient and compliant to regulatory requirements within organizational processes and even in your tailored instances of Portfolio, VS, Programs, and Teams.
  • It’s our concept to enable you to do this mapping by yourself. But, if you do not want to do this customization by yourself, we will help you to adapt the standard process implementation to your needs

In the video below we briefly explain the concept of establishing compliance in scaled agility and demonstrate it in Applied SAFe on the example of Automotive SPICE 2.5.


The sections below contain screen shots of the actual implementation of Applied SAFe®, they serve as testimonials of what the product looks and feels like.

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Compliance Introduction – Benefits of reference compliance with maturity models

Processes are mapped against one or more reference models:

  • Maturity models developed as a quality gage by industry and standardization committees
  • Standards
  • In-house standards within an organization

Widely used maturity models for evaluating process quality include the following:

  • ISO 26262, IEC 61508
  • IEC 62 304
  • Automotive SPICE
  • CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration)

Compliance Concept – Implementation in Applied SAFe®

  • Process models can be assigned to several reference models.
  • Reference and process models can define specific public or local scopes.
    E.g. Scope Software Dev.
  • Process elements are then assigned to reference elements and rated on how much they fulfill the reference element.
  • Fulfilling of a scope or a complete reference model is calculated in a rating.
  • A company-wide analysis of fulfilling of all instances of the portfolio, value stream, program or team can be calculated automatically.

Compliance Example – Ensure compliance with a sustainable mechanism; Avoid interpretation gaps.

This example shows a mapping of Automotive SPICE 2.5 against the Applied SAFe process model for “04-04: Software architectural design”. The relevant process elements like activities, practices, work products or roles are mapped against the defined compliance definitions and rated respectively. Gaps in the rating can be filled by defining and adding missing process elements.


Get more information on PEDCO Applied SAFe features, license models, scaled agility and compliance.