PEDCO and the Collaboration Partners Scaled Agile, Inc. and Method Park

have developed a comprehensive implementation of SAFe® as a process model; named Applied SAFe. They partner to:

  • Perform joint engineering activities to ensure constant innovation and easy upgrade procedures to the latest releases
  • Promote Applied SAFe via joint marketing activities, events and trainings to generate leads
  • Bring scaled agility into industries with safety and regulatory requirements

Tooling Partners

provide additional tools that extend the functionality of Applied SAFe or make our clients transformation journey faster and easier. They:

  • Offer tools that automate specific SAFe practices or reduce collaboration and transformation efforts
  • Describe tool mentors that can be integrated into the Applied SAFe tool and practice libraries
  • Create metrics to measure transformation or product development states

Transformation Partners

are either Scaled Agile Partners or have a proven track record in successful lean-agile change transitions. They are:

  • Known in their country or region as an agile change or transformation partner.
  • Are very successful promoters of development practices and change management trends.
  • Have certified SAFe Program Consultants (SPC’s).
  • Are strongly established in their market.
  • Have the capabilities to grow and expand their services.
  • Are willing to exchange knowledge in applying SAFe with the global community.
  • Want to gain additional expertise in complex and regulated environments.
  • Are eager and dedicated to scaling agile successfully to achieve compliance and efficiency.
  • PEDCO has very limited global consulting capabilities and no intention to grow in this direction.

Together we are a good team!

PEDCO searches for partners willing and able to:

  • Create leads for Applied SAFe in their client market or region.
  • Coach/Consult/Train SAFe to speed-up the transformation journey for Applied SAFe customers.
  • Use Applied SAFe as one of the possibilities to implement SAFe for their clients.
  • Enlarge the number of potential clients in the scaled agile market and regulated industries.
  • Exchange knowledge in applying SAFe and Applied SAFe with the global community.

Financials and referral fees

  • When PEDCO acquires a new customer of Applied SAFe and creates a consulting lead for an ASP then 5% of the turnover will be paid to PEDCO.
  • When an ASP acquires a new customer for Applied SAFe 5% of the incoming PEDCO License fees will be paid to the referral ASP.


  • Call us in Switzerland: +41 (0)44 542 45 45
  • Call us in USA, Boston: +1 (857) 362 82 00
  • Send an email to and a member of our team will respond to you as soon as possible

We work together to foster Applied SAFe in the market!

  • PEDCO and each Applied SAFe Partner will exchange contacts on Applied SAFe on a monthly basis.
  • Applied SAFe Partner will provide the consulting/coaching/training services for customers of Applied SAFe.
  • PEDCO will provide marketing material, a demonstration instance and a demo script for ASP’s at no cost.
  • Applied SAFe Partner will provide SAFe related training to customers (e.g. Leading SAFe, SAFe Agilist).
  • PEDCO will train Applied SAFe Partner SPC’s in Applied SAFe in order to know the features and capabilities of Applied SAFe (Applied SAFe QM).
  • Applied SAFe Partner’s investment is limited to take some time to know the capabilities of Applied SAFe.
  • PEDCO will provide the services to extend and integrate Applied SAFe for customers.
  • Official collaboration with cross-references on both websites.

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