Applied SAFe is a fair interpretation of the SAFe framework as a process model. It includes the original content of SAFe, enhanced into a comprehensive, customizable and extendable process model.

Yes, this is because the software helps to instantiate and tailor SAFe to the specific needs and its practical understanding.

We achieve this via:

  1. Precise tailoring, reducing waste linked to unnecessary steps.
  2. Clear guidance on roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities
  3. Defined work-product models which help to understand the expected inputs and outputs, and their relations between each work products

Provided that you have gone through proper training of SAFe, Applied SAFe usage is done in less than a day.

Mid to large size companies which operate in Defense, Automotive, Medtech or Government sectors.

Companies which operate in a regulated environment benefit from the possibility to map the processes against the most common reference models like CMMI, Automotive SPICE, AS9100, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 26262 or IEC 62304.

Usually, these companies have started to experience the benefits of SAFe and want to scale them up to the full company, finding in Applied SAFe the right support.

We support the Applied SAFe community worldwide either directly, when there are questions related to the software, either via our network of global partners when it is about the application of Applied SAFe to the specific company. Hence, in your case there will be one of our Applied SAFe partners in the USA, that will be your direct reference to implement SAFe in your company via Applied SAFe.

Your process model will be mapped vs. one or more reference models. Then, it is automatically calculated how much of the regulations of that reference model have been implemented in your process model (Applied  SAFe). You receive a score in percentage. If new regulations come out, we will update Applied SAFe accordingly and you have the option to consider those changes to your process model against these new regulations and/or visualize how much you are apart from it

Definitely YES. This is because with Applied Safe the scaling up of your transformation is going to be much faster.  Additionally, you will get the advantages of rigorous compliance mapping, structured visualization of the process model and a clear explanation of the roles and work-products with inputs and outputs.

Applied SAFe can run on the cloud or in-house servers. Using LDAP and SAML for identification. To our surprise, most companies decided to rent and run it on a public cloud. It could also run on any cloud provider in any country like US, Switzerland, Germany.