PEDCO holds several events, public webinars and participates regularly at selected conferences; sometimes also together with our valued partners. We also participate at several conferences selected speeches about specific topics such as ‘Scaled Agility in Regulated Environments’.

Please find here a list of public webinars, events & conferences in 2020.

Applied SAFe Partners are companies that believe in agility at scale to successfully transform organizations towards a Lean-Agile culture. They have developed significant expertise in supporting large enterprises including companies within regulated environments through every phase of a Lean-Agile transformation.

“We truly understand the challenges faced by our clients when implementing SAFe, particularly for those operating in regulated industries. By working in partnership, PEDCO and cPrime are uniquely positioned to provide customized and comprehensive enterprise-ready solutions for organizations wanting to adapt SAFe to their context. With PEDCO’s Applied SAFe, the potential to smooth the path to a full SAFe adoption that ultimately translates to high business value and customer delight is substantial.”

Eyal Abukasis, Chief Operations Officer, cPrime

“Implementing scaled agile organizations in regulated environment always means to define and to track agile processes. Applied SAFe is a very valuable tool for an agile transition project in such an environment. You need less time and less investment in work to be able to implement a complete agile standard process.”

Dr. Thorsten Janning, COO, KEGON

“We are very excited to join PEDCO in a collaborating partnership. PEDCO’s Applied SAFe® is an outstanding product and we feel that every SAFe customer will love the guidance, metrics and lean governance process that it provides.”

Tonya McCaulley - Change Agent, Educator, Agile Coach, Public Speaker, BC Forward

“Applied SAFe® elevates the core of enterprise agility predicated on the key premise of synchronization to an entirely new level. With UFG’s current business model squarely based on fostering comprehensive enterprise agility, this partnership is destined to garner powerful, compliance ready, end-to-end agile transformation solutions.”

Sean Cavandi, Managing Partner, UFIRST Group INC

2020 Public Webinars and Events

We provide several public webinars and events around the world. E.g. such as the SAFe Meetups, Webinars, Conferences, and more!

Webinars for 2021 will be presented here as soon as they are planned


We provide a public introduction to Applied SAFe on a weekly basis, we swap the languages between English and German every week.

Every Tuesday from 5 PM until 5:45 PM, Central Europe Time!

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2020 Conferences and Speeches

Join us at the following conferences and presentations; visit our booth, we are keen to discuss your challenges and propose solution approaches:

  • Bosch ConnectedWorld, February 19-20, in Berlin, Germany
    Bosch ConnectedWorld 2020 is the meeting point for experts creating connected products and solutions invented for life. Choose between the conference, the exhibition, the hackathon and the many networking opportunities to create your personalized event.Join executives, decision makers, digital transformers, innovators, developers, entrepreneurs and IoT enthusiasts from diverse industries around the world to stimulate knowledge exchange, co-creation and business opportunities.
  • Process Insights Conference 2020, March 11-12 in Fürth, GermanyProcess Insights 2020
    The goal of the conference is to connect people from different industries with the same mindset. Join the community to talk about efficient processes management – whether you are beginner, expert or decision maker. During one full day, process experts will share best practices and provide insights into new approaches. Since our product Applied SAFe is built on the world leading process management tool Stages from Method Park, PEDCO will be present with a booth and maybe even with a speech about regulatory compliance within scaled agility.
  • Comply2020, May 5-6 in NYC, NY, USA
    For the past 5 years, the COMPLY Conference has united the industry and served as a catalyst for the advancement of the Compliance, Risk and RegTech ecosystem. COMPLY brings together the most comprehensive gathering of regulators, compliance and risk professionals, sales and marketing leaders, innovators, investors and legal experts from across the globe.
  • SAFe Summit Europe, Online-Event, June 10-11 in The Hague, Netherlands
    The European SAFe Summit is back in The Netherlands for the 2020 SAFe Summit! Building on the success of last year’s event, we’re thrilled to present new keynotes, workshops, and more regionally focused content. Come to connect with SAFe coaches, thought leaders, and change agents to share best practices, get advice from thought leaders, network, and discover firsthand how organizations use SAFe to continuously deliver value to customers.
  • Agile2020, July 20-24 in Orlando, Florida (Canceled due to COVID 19)
    Agile2020 is the largest annual global gathering of Agile practitioners. In its 19th year, the conference is the premier international event for the advancement of Agile software development and is dedicated to furthering Agile principles and practices while providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. Last year we were joined by nearly 2,400 executives, managers, software developers, and researchers from more than 50 countries who gathered to hear from recognized experts, authors, innovators, and practitioners who offered their unique insights in more than 286 sessions.
  • Agile@Hardware, Online-Event, September 28-29 in Frankfurt, Germany
    Agile methods are a powerful tool for the development of physical and mechatronic products. If you want to benefit from this, you should deeply internalize the agile mindset and continuously improve yourself. Our AGILE @ HARDWARE 2020 is exactly the right place for this. The AGILE @ HARDWARE is not an ordinary specialist conference. Those who only expect passive lectures are out of place here. We bring people together who face the same challenges. You have the opportunity to discuss together, develop solutions and establish contacts that will remain in place long after the conference. We came up with fantastic formats for this.
  • Agile & Beyond, September 29-30 in Detroit, Michigan, USA (Canceled due to COVID 19)
    From small beginnings to explosive growth, Agile and Beyond have always stayed true to its roots. Speakers and topics appeal to a wide range of roles including product owners, managers, developers and executives alike. Now entering our 10th year, this annual conference attracts over 800 agile enthusiasts and consistently sells out every year by drawing premier speakers and the highest caliber technologists in the industry.
  • Process Insights USA, October 13-15, Online-Event, USA
    If you really want to learn what it takes to establish great processes in regulated environments; this is the place to be! Get all information and register now free of charge!
    During 15 presentations you will get insights into engineering practices at General MotorsBoschDENSORaytheonLockheed MartinULBorgWarner Inc.Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon UniversityMethod Park, and more. Thought leaders will share their approaches from strategies, standards, and methods over tools and best practices. A virtual exhibition and several online networking sessions will allow the opportunity to connect with other like-minded experts.
    The conference is organized by our strategic partner Method Park and we will also be exhibiting and participating at this event.
  • Global SAFe Summit, October 27-28 in Denver, Colorado USA
    The SAFe Summit is a must-attend event for individuals relying on SAFe to drive better business outcomes for their customers or employer. It’s where the SAFe community gathers to learn best practices, network with each other, connect with thought leaders and influencers in the industry, and see first-hand how enterprises are leveraging SAFe to continuously deliver value to the customer.
    Our CEO, Peter Pedross will have a presentation together with Malte Kumlehn (SAFe Fellow and PEDCO Board Member)  and Thomas Karl (SPC) both from Accenture. Topic of the presentation will be: Applied Lean Quality Management in a SAFe Enterprise Solution Delivery ERP Environment
  • EuroCACS / CSX, October 28-30 in Helsinki, Finland
    Connect with the most dynamic minds and practitioners in information systems audit, control, security and cybersecurity. Stay ahead of emerging trends and gain new tools, guidance and insight that will help set the course for the future of information systems and cybersecurity—and for your role in vitally important fields that assess, manage, protect, and drive the success of enterprises worldwide. Bring back the latest regulatory trends, insight on cybersecurity threats and knowledge from other professionals who attend the conference. Ready your career and your organisation to see and shape what’s coming next in audit, security, control and business.
  • RTE Summit, November 9-10, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Join us in Amsterdam for 2 days of networking and knowledge sharing and hear how leading manufacturers are harnessing the power of Agile. Daytime program with speakers, interactive sessions & workshops about Release Train Engineer & Chief Scrum Master related topics. Attend hands-on workshops and break-out sessions with other Chief Scrum Masters to hone your skills and upgrade your knowledge. A select crowd of skilled Scrum Masters at scale, sharing knowledge and building best practices. Honest and inspired: that unique RTE Summit vibe.
  • Qualitäts-Gipfeltreffen der Automobilindustrie, November 24-25, Berlin, Germany
    This conference is in German. The QM Committee aims to secure quality within the supply chain in the long term. There are also new goals at the technical level: Networking and autonomous driving are to be accompanied by QM/QS methods and tools.