Applied SAFe® Architecture and Implementation

The process model is implemented in a way that you can instantiate independently on each level. This enables you, to run multiple programs each with its own process instances, while each program holds various instances on a team level with various tailored instances of life cycles. Applied SAFe® is implemented with the process management tool ‘Stages’ (by Method Park Software AG); this solution offers great flexibility and efficiency while still maintaining control and compliance of portfolios, value streams, programs and teams via the Stages core process concept.

Applied SAFe® is capable of making use of various life cycle models. Teams can choose their life cycle depending on their needs and their agile readiness. This solution has the advantage to let some teams smoothly adopt Agile, while other teams could choose other life cycles to work with; such as for example the V-Model, Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD), iterative or waterfall.

Deployment & Transformation

It is our concept that with our training, you can fully adapt Applied SAFe® for your own needs without any further help from PEDCO side. Of course, we are happy to offer support within the activation and later phases with additional PEDCO process engineering power -> Services

We train your LACE-Team to successfully deploy, use, extend, and integrate Applied SAFe® within your own organization. The training is needed to steer the adaption (Applied SAFe Quality Managers) and the process engineers of Applied SAFe to do the real changes in the process management platform Stages (Applied SAFe Engineering)

We have two different trainings for that:

  • Applied SAFe Quality Management 
    In the Applied SAFe QM training, you will gain the knowledge needed to lead the integration, adoption, and extension of Applied SAFe within your company. You will learn how to structure your workspace hierarchy, your process model, and types to be able to define different implementation strategies as supported by Applied SAFe. You learn how to integrate and use different reference models and the main reporting features of Applied SAFe to achieve regulatory compliance. This training is further extended with knowledge about the adaptation preparation of Applied SAFe® for the company on a team, ART, large solution, and portfolio level.
  • Applied SAFe Engineering:
    This 3-day course teaches the key concepts for effective process engineering with Applied SAFe on the Stages platform. You will learn how to integrate, adjust, and extend Applied SAFe based on concepts like workspace hierarchies, effective use of process types for several deployment strategies, inheritance mechanisms for process elements, branching and merging with overlays, manual and automated tailoring and process model extensions with your existing and new process assets. Understand design principles like work product and process modeling and learn how to define and apply process templates to ensure a consistent design. Understand the mechanisms for effective bindings to reference models like Automotive SPICE, CMMI, or any other ISO, IEC, or DIN standard.
  • For people unifying both roles in one person, it is sufficient that this person attends only the Applied SAFe Engineering training.
  • Both trainings require that attendees already know SAFe; it is not a SAFe Training, it is all about Applied SAFe!
  • All courses include hands-on work in a sandbox environment. For further information on courses, please visit our training page.
  • Additionally, for the transition and cultural change towards scaled agility, you can choose one of our transformation partners, which will be local to you and know your environment.

PEDCO is a proud collaboration partner of Scaled Agile, Inc.


Scaled Agile, Inc. (SAI), is the provider of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), the world’s most comprehensive framework for adopting Lean-Agile best practices across an enterprise. Based in Boulder, Colorado, USA, SAI’s mission is to help software-dependent companies achieve better outcomes, increase employee engagement, and improve business economics through the adoption of Lean-Agile principles and practices.

SAI supports hundreds of thousands of practitioners of the Framework through training, certification, consulting services, and a global partner network. Multiple certification levels are designed to support each practitioner’s business context, providing the knowledge and tools needed to be effective at the Team, ART, Large Solution, and Portfolio levels of the Framework.

PEDCO AG is a proud collaboration partner of Scaled Agile, Inc.


SAFe® and Scaled Agile Framework® are registered trademarks of Scaled Agile, Inc.

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It is exciting to see PEDCO’s Applied SAFe® come to life as a sophisticated, enterprise-ready solution for organizations wanting to adapt SAFe to their context and accelerate better business outcomes. We are extremely pleased to be partnering with the outstanding innovators at PEDCO on this important contribution to the SAFe community. The potential to help ease the way for fully comprehensive SAFe adoption is enormous.

Michael Stump, SPCT and SAFe Fellow

Ready to unlock the key to your Digital Transformation?

Get more information on PEDCO Applied SAFe features, scaled agility, and compliance.