In times of uncertainty and everything going on with the Coronavirus (COVID19) a majority of organizations in the world have turned to remote work and distributed teams in order to limit the spread of the virus. As stated by SAFe, “these restrictions can be challenging for Agile teams and ARTs who, as stated in the Agile principles, greatly value face-to-face communication.”

At PEDCO we want to make sure that your teams have all the right tools and practices in place to be able to continue with your SAFe journey even if you are all remote and distributed.

In times like this, where remote work is taking over the organization, it’s key to have clear processes and a clear understanding of SAFe to reduce the pain of having to discuss things over and over again. This is exactly what Applied SAFe was built for, our platform ultimately reduces the discussion time on how to interpret the framework, allowing you to do the work that really matters. With Applied SAFe your teams can all log into one platform where there is full transparency into the SAFe implementation and processes within your organization. You will get a deep look into who is doing what, and at what stage everyone is at.

Our platform comes with a rich set of pre-built tools, practice libraries, documentation, (role based) training, micro learnings etc. that provide as an accelerator for any company working with SAFe. It also has a built-in approach to seed, nurture, and encourage communities of practice and the enhancement of practice libraries over time.

Download the Insurance Case Study below and you will see how Applied SAFe has helped teams reduce discussion time and that there was no more ‘treasure hunt’ when looking for explanations.

Here is a short video which explains this and gives you a view into what Applied SAFe can do.

Please note that this video is on SAFe 4.6, however, we have SAFe 5.0 fully implemented in Applied SAFe.

Built-in organizational learning processes

  • Use defined metrics and proven best practices, so that you can benefit from day one
  • Ensure that knowledge doesn’t get lost, and people get inspired to question the status quo
  • Ensure that feedback cycles and improvements from the various levels are taken into account and lead to structured improvement

Easy access to give and get feedback for all

In Applied SAFe you are also able to leave comments in each of the elements such as activities, tools, and work products, so the teams can find hot spots for further discussions and clarifications. This will ultimately help teams to create their own unified knowledge base of SAFe.

  • These annotations will be collected by the specific roles of each level (e.g. Scrum Master on Team) with the help of predefined metrics
  • They serve as an input for improvement stories or knowledge assets
  • Once an annotation has been entered, the specific field gets highlighted in orange

As the only company in the world with full copyright to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) content, Applied SAFe can also run on a cloud server which can be set up in no time. You will not have to develop a training program, you will be able to log in straight away and have access to the full framework.

Read our Finance Case Study


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Our Integration with piplanning app

Applied SAFe provides step by step guidance into PI Planning including what to do, how to do it, and who all is involved. Our platform has the ‘piplanning app‘ integrated with fully laid out activities, practices, and trainings. In this article we explain the integration in detail.

Introduction to the piplanning app Integration

Update on the piplanning app Integration

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