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Applied SAFe 4.0 demos at our booth Agile Arena

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Below is a summary of the major content changes to SAFe:

  • SAFe now supports both software and systems development
  • A new Value Stream Level—including new roles, activities, and artifacts—is provided for those building the world’s largest systems
  • The Big Picture can be expanded or collapsed to three or four levels. The default view is the three-level version (3-Level SAFe), which is simpler and lighter weight than its 3.0 predecessor. Three-Level SAFe is backwards compatible with SAFe 3.0, so those currently operating with 3.0 can continue to do so, or migrate easily to this new version.
  • With one click, the Framework expands to four levels (4-Level SAFe) to handle the most demanding needs of large value streams and complex systems development
  • Enterprise Kanban systems manage the flow of work across all levels
  • The SAFe Requirements Model has been updated to reflect additional backlog items and to clarify the expressions for each
  • Built-in Quality practices now support software and systems development
  • A new Foundations layer supports those critical underpinnings that drive the Framework and program execution
  • A new Spanning palette carries roles and artifacts applicable to multiple levels, increasing modularity and customizability
  • An improved main menu bar provides quick and easy access to information on SAFe training, implementation, partner support, community, resources, and more

Applied SAFe 4.0 offers an easy integration of those new features as an executable process model within the tool Stages from MethodPark.