Scaled Agile, Inc. unveils SAFe® 4.0 for Lean Software and Systems Engineering 

As of today, Scaled Agile, Inc. (SAI) unveiled the new version SAFe® 4.0 which includes Lean Software and Systems Engineering. This marks a major milestone in the history of the Scaled Agile Framework®. The new release features extensive refinements to many elements of the Framework, as well as new content and guidance that helps enterprises better organize around value delivery, develop systems that include hardware and software, and improve development, coordination, and delivery of large value streams.

“SAFe 4.0 is the result of collaboration with some of the largest and most successful software and systems companies in the world,” said Dean Leffingwell, SAI co-founder and Chief Methodologist. “With complex cyber-physical systems becoming increasingly software reliant, there is a growing demand for best practices to address conceptual and process incompatibilities between systems and software. SAFe 4.0 bridges that gap, and does so in a way that is more modular, scalable, and adaptable than prior versions.”

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Take a first glimpse on Applied SAFe® 4.0 at the OOP 2016 in Munich, Germany (February 1st-5th)

As we are currently transforming SAFe® into Applied SAFe® 4.0 in the process management tool stages, we can say that the new version of the SAFe is a big step forward and it integrates Lean-Agile software development with lean systems engineering practices, providing a common way of working across the two disciplines, and bringing the benefits of both to the larger enterprise.

We present a preview of our implementation of Applied SAFe® 4.0 at the OOP 2016 from February 1st to 5th in Munich, Germany. We will have a booth within the ‘Agile Arena’ and we are co-organizing the special ‘Agile Day’, which includes a whole day of presentations about SAFe® 4.0, Tailoring and Compliance with Applied SAFe® and Agile Tool-Handling.

The special Agile Day @ OOP 2016 will take place on Thursday, February 4th 2016.

  • Register for free to the agile day as well as to the exhibitor’s hall here.