On November 4th, the second run of the Agile Unconference, organized in collaboration between SAQ and Swiss Agile Leaders Circle will take place. This unconference has been a tremendous success last year and is well founded on the outstanding positive feedback from last year.

  • Peter Pedross, PEDCO’s CEO and President of the board for Computer Sience at the Swiss Association of Qualiy; and
  • Stefan Küffer, PEDCO’s Principal Process Engineer will both attend at the second Agile Unconference.

Please join us at this great open space event for leaders and project managers in Switzerland.

For Newcomer: Tried and tired of the same conference model with few variations from, the Agile Unconference is not your ordinary runofthemill conference. One way communication, longwinding talks, and a finely structured conference day is banned. Instead expect to be challenged, expect to contribute with your experience and competences, and expect to leave with new practices, ideas, and benchmarks for agility from peers and international experts.


  • Discuss interesting challenges and practices within agile, leadership and management
  • Contribute and learn from each other and from international renowned experts
  • Broaden your network offering rich possibilities to exchange throughout the day and in future interactions
  •  …and all this within an informal and unconstrained atmosphere

The Agile Unconference follows the mindset of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unconference.

The organizers propose the following topics:

  • Lean and agile organizations (as well in non-IT)
  • Scaling Agility (SAFe, LESS, DAD, DSDM, Agility Path, …)
  • Scrum, Kanban
  • DevOps Topics
  • Agile Requirements Engineering
  • Lean Product & Portfolio Management
  • Agile and automated testing in any kind: ATTD, BTTD
  • Leadership and Management 3.0
  • Tool Support of all these topics
  • Your specific topic we do not know yet…