The latest version Applied SAFe 3.5 is released!

Brief overview of achievements and improvements:

  • SAFe 3.0 improvements:
    • Revised Kanban practice
    • Updated Lean-Agile Leadership principles
    • SAFe 3.0.3 training material and videos
  • Applied SAFe key concepts:
    • Refined tailoring implementation
    • Improved workspace instantiation practice
    • Revised user management including bootstrap role
  • Updated and enhanced work product model including new views for:
    • Enterprise: Process Management
    • Enterprise: Acquisition
    • Enterprise: Knowledge Management
    • Program: Product Strategy
  • Extended documentation:
    • Applied SAFe Process Handbook
    • Applied SAFe 3.5 Model Report

Applied SAFe 3.5 is planned to be the last release based on SAFe 3.0. Over the next months our focus is on SAFe 4.0, the next generation of the Scaled Agile Framework that will also include Lean Systems Engineering for the use of Agile development in high assurance (medical, regulated, aerospace) environments.

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