With pride, PEDCO announces the immediate release of the brand new Applied SAFE 6.0 – Kilimanjaro.

We released Applied SAFe 6.0 ‘Kilimanjaro’ just 30 working days after the public release of SAFe 6.0, including the approval of Applied SAFe 6.0 on April 25th.

The new version has all the new content from the SAFe website incorporated and implemented new aspects and concepts in Applied SAFE. According to our metrics and work, the new version is a huge step! For a complete overview of all SAFe changes, please visit ‘What’s new in SAFe 6.0

Major Upgrade

Regardless of the new content, we have been able to streamline Applied SAFe even further and increased the tailoring options from 500 to 520 possibilities; this includes new tailorings for Value Stream KPIs, OKRs, Agile Business Train, and further metrics. Further, the new flow-Articles have been modeled as new practices and support the lean flow to the framework very beautifully. 


Below some special mentions of some updates and guiding principles.

  • The SAFe 6.0 update has six primary themes:
  • Value Stream KPI’s, OKR and its connection to Strategic Themes have been reworked, and existing processes have been changed accordingly with new activities, tailorings and tailorable work products.
  • OKR’s have been modeled as an optional tailor-in part of Applied SAFe.
  • Measure and Grow now includes all flow metrics and is aligned on all levels.
  • Metrics have been totally overworked as the metrics in ‘the six SAFe flow metrics’.
    Useful ‘DORA’-Metrics have been moved to the folder metrics/dora on each level and can be optionally used as a tailor-in option on all levels of Applied SAFe.
  • All flow-Articles have been modeled as practices and explain how the various elements of Applied SAFe connect.
  • Agile Business Train is an optional tailor-in artifact:

Implementation Metrics on Applied SAFe 6.0 Kilimanjaro

Changes in the SAFE Framework according to our measures.

Get a glimpse of the new version!

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  • Register at one of our public 30-minute demos
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We are looking forward to sharing with you this exciting new version!

New content overview:

  • Enhanced processes to accelerate flow value
  • Clear roles and enhanced responsibilities to empower teams on all levels.
  • Improved measures with outcomes, KPIs, OKRs, and flow metrics
  • Full upward compatibility with previous versions, including all new content of SAFe 6.0
  • Extended tailoring to customize for your real needs including:
    • Value Stream KPIs and OKRs
    • Agile Business Train
    • DORA Metrics
    • and many more!
  • All our SAFe and Applied SAFe Training has updated to SAFe 6.0

Specific examples of changes in 5 minutes:

  • Updated Strategic Themes as reflected in the reworked article ‘Enterprise‘:
  • Changed article on Business & Technology reflected in Applied SAFe:

Public available documentation: