Process Engineering with Stages Training

This 2-days-course teaches the key concepts for effective process engineering on the Stages platform. You will learn how to design and engineer processes based on concepts like workspace hierarchies, effective use of process types for a number of deployment strategies, inheritance mechanisms, branching and merging with overlays, manual and automated tailoring and process model extensions with your existing and new process assets. Understand design principles like work product and process modeling and learn how to define and apply process templates to ensure a consistent design. Understand the mechanisms for effective bindings to reference models like Automotive SPICE, CMMI or any other ISO, IEC or DIN standard.


  • Process Engineers
  • Metric Engineers
  • Quality Managers, Process Managers
  • Compliance / Audit Officers
  • Application / System Development Managers

Learning Objectives

After this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Create and engineer processes on Stages
  • Administrate the workspace hierarchy
  • Understand the usage of the many process element types
  • Extend your process model with customization options (Tailoring)
  • Integrate new and existing reference models including local and public scopes
  • Ensure compliance of processes
  • Understand the use of different alternatives for process quality checks
  • Version and release processes including state management
  • Apply a number of process distribution concepts for process instantiation


  • Setup and Stages Overview
  • Stages Documentation
  • Concept and Creation of Workspaces
  • Process Description and Process Types
  • Process Engineering Concepts (e.g. Meta Model, Naming Conventions, Work Product and Process Models)
  • Process Engineering (e.g. Stages Editor, Processes, Activities, Roles, Work Products, Phases & Milestones, Practices, Trainings, Guided Tours, Resources)
  • Inheritance, Associations, Explicit and Implicit Process Interfaces
  • Process Quality Checks
  • Process Versioning, State Management
  • Tailoring Concept and Design
  • Compliance Concept, Reference Models, Compliance Mappings, Gap Analysis
  • Process Distribution Concepts and Instantiation
  • Handling of Core Processes
  • CMS and Document Handling
  • Organizational Learning
  • User Administration & Permissions


Workshop offered in collaboration with MethodPark

2 Days


There is a maximum of twelve and a minimum of four participants per class.

German or English, Training Material in English

PRICE (Global Delivery, only In-House)
USD 1’960 excl. VAT / Participant
USD 15’680 excl. VAT / In-House Course

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