Remote practices while implementing SAFe® is increasingly used and a fact in these days. But how? We want to share some stories from the fields and discuss in an open space format about experiences, possible solutions, tools we used and, lessons learned by implementing SAFe® on Thursday, October 15th, 2020 17:00 – 18:00 CET

Participants are kindly requested to join the discussion as well!
We start this series of open discussion sessions together with our partners from the Netherlands: Theo Geelen from Yellow Intelligent and Jeffrey Turfboer from IT’s a success.

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When? Thu, October 15th, 2020 17:00 – 18:00 CET

This webinar will be held in English, questions can also be raised in Dutch.

About this webinar:

Engineering tomorrow’s products means staying ahead and relevant in a continually changing environment. In the all-new area of Covid 19, IT development work has been mostly executed remotely. It’s a big change because ‘collocated teams’ is one of the big beliefs in agile methods. Employees are required to work from a different location. For some organizations, this global event has significantly altered the preconception that Agile teams must be physically located in an office and it has already demonstrated that employees can be highly productive even in a remote setting. It might even be, that this kind of remote working will be the ‘new normal’.

In this small series of workshops, we would like to discuss with you, in an open space manner, the following topics.

  • What is different when working remotely instead of collocated?
  • How to ensure, that everybody is mostly ‘on the same page’ of understanding?
  • How do you deal with different working habits (late vs. early)?
  • Who do you socialize remotely (being in a bad mude or having troubles etc.)?
  • Which tools are you currently using?
  • What do we consider as essential in working remote?
  • How to create an effective working environment?
  • What are your current struggles in working with others when working from home?
  • How to maintain team collaboration?
  • How to handle the SAFe Zeremonies like PI Planning, System Demo, Inspect & Adapt?
  • How to deal with new practices, learnings and continious learning?
  • What could the future way of working look like?
  • How do you keep track of everything that’s going on, which you’d normally do by walking around the office?
  • How do you get a “feeling” of how things are going? (in Dutch: “Vinger aan de pols houden”)
  • Do’s and don’ts in working remotely?
  • What are some simple house rules, which need to be in place?

In this webinar, we:

  • discuss the importance of the questions raised and discuss it in an open space manner
  • introduce some concepts and practices of Applied SAFe with respect to remote working
  • showcase some practical examples as used by Theo and Jeffry (Miro, Mural etc.)
  • will talk about some lessons learned
  • … look forward to some discussions and your questions!


Peter Pedross

is CEO and founder of PEDCO AG. As being a very early certified SAFe SPC’s, Mr. Pedross has been working with SAFe since 2011 and gained first experiences with Agile (XP) since 1999.

Besides his degree as a software engineer, he also studied finance and management psychology. Prior to founding PEDCO AG, Peter Pedross was responsible for life cycles, processes, methods, and tools at a leading Swiss financial institution and other companies in the technical and regulated sector.

On a part-time basis, he is also President of the Board of Directors for Information Technology of the Swiss Association of Quality (SAQ) and a member of the Board of Directors.

Theo Geelen

ls ambassador of the Agile (Scrum) way of working, I coach (agile) teams and provide trainings/workshops. I am strongly team-oriented and use my coaching skills. This goes hand in hand with the use of various AgilityHealth radars such as TeamHealth, Role Based and SAFe.

In addition, I am a change / program / Agility Strategist with years of experience in various business (intelligence) environments. I bring movement, I structure and make assignments / changes. I look at culture, organization, team AND individuals.

Theo is also the founder of Yellow Intelligent, the company is a partner of PEDCO in the Netherlands since early 2019:

Jeffry Turfboer

Jeffry is a freelance Senior IT Project Manager and Lean-Agile Transformation Coach (SPC SAFe 5.0) with a passion for making business and IT successful. He named his company “IT’s A Success” because that is exactly the reaction they are aiming for.

Jeffry is also the winner of the FOTY Awards:  (Dutch)

“IT’s A Success” is a partner of PEDCO in the Netherlands since 2020



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