Scaled agility with SAFe® is increasingly used in the automotive industry. But how can this work for functional safety?

We presented in this past webinar some possible solutions and lessons learned in applying SAFe® together with ISO 26262.

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About this recording:

Engineering tomorrow’s products means staying ahead and relevant in a continually changing environment.

A core characteristic of regulated environments is the necessity to comply with formal standards, regulations, directives, and guidance. Organizations must demonstrate that
* the system meets the intended purpose
* the system does not behave unintendedly in a way that might cause harm
* the system conforms to regulatory standards by required objective evidence for functional safety

This webinar discusses how to ensure compliance with Applied SAFe in regulated industries and presents concrete examples from ISO 26262

In this recording, we:

  • explore how compliance to ISO 26262 can be achieved, maintained, and proven to regulators
  • introduce some concepts and practices of Applied SAFe with respect to regulated development
  • showcase some practical examples
  • will talk about some lessons learned
  • … look forward to some discussions and your questions!

If you wish to combine agility and efficiency together with compliance to ISO 26262, this webinar is well worth your time.


Peter Pedross

is CEO and founder of PEDCO AG. As being a very early certified SAFe SPC’s, Mr. Pedross has been working with SAFe since 2011 and gained first experiences with Agile (XP) since 1999. Besides his degree as a software engineer, he also studied finance and management psychology. Prior to founding PEDCO AG, Peter Pedross was responsible for life cycles, processes, methods, and tools at a leading Swiss financial institution and other companies in the technical and regulated sector. On a part-time basis, he is also President of the Board of Directors for Information Technology of the Swiss Association of Quality (SAQ) and a member of the Board of Directors.

Dr. Tobias Maier

is a Principal Consultant for Change Management, Agile Transformations, and SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework) at Method Park. After initial positions in the company as a software engineer, project manager, and agile coach, he now advises companies in the healthcare sector and automotive industry on issues of organizational development, process improvement, and agile management. He supports his customers in change management and transformations.
Tobias Maier is responsible at Method Park for the topic of Organizational Change.



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