Zurich, Switzerland – PEDCO announces a partnership with Valueflow

PEDCO and Valueflow will work together in fostering the growing number of Applied SAFe® customers. Through this partnership, PEDCO will deliver its product, Applied SAFe® while Valueflow will provide their expertise in Guidewire Business Analysis Services, Digital Strategy and Transformation Consulting and Enterprise Business Agility (SAFe) Training, Coaching and Consulting to Financial Services Industry (Banking , Insurance and Investing).

About Valueflow

At Valueflow, they believe there is a better way to achieve results. A better way to plan work, manage people, innovate and delight customers. Companies from all over the world, of all sizes and across all sectors of the economy are embracing a new lean & agile mindset and getting relevant results across the various dimensions of their business.

Valueflow partners with you and your leadership team to deliver positive and lasting change in your organization. Jointly developed results: greater speed, quality and predictability in the delivery of critical business initiatives, programs and products, coupled with greater team cohesion of leadership and employee engagement. To help create results like these, valueflow consultants transfer critical skills in articulating and deploying strategies.

They also develop a roadmap of activities, workshops, coaching, training and consulting for individuals, teams and leaders and guide large-scale organizational change efforts such as agile transformations and devops.

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“The partnership with PEDCO allows Valueflow to answer to our customers who are large organizations how they can obtain the benefits of adopting a new operating system based on Agility at Scale, particularly SAFe and still guarantee fundamental practices for their business such as quality and process compliance, auditability, regulatory compliance, among others.  We are very excited about working together with this innovative company!” 

Roberto Argento, Founder & CEO, Valueflow

“Learning more about Valueflow and their ability to lead transformations, I was excited to not only bring their knowledge of transformation into our community but also to broaden our partnerships in South America. What a great match!”

Peter Pedross, CEO, PEDCO


PEDCO is a public limited company based in Zurich, Switzerland and collaboration partner of Scaled Agile Inc., Boulder (USA) and Method Park, Erlangen (Germany). We support enterprises around the globe for process implementations within regulatory environments. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to set-up, select, operate, and develop lean, compliant and efficient processes.

Our mission is to help system and software-dependent enterprises achieve better business outcomes, increase employee engagement, and improve economics through the application of Lean-Agile principles and practices with Applied SAFe® based on the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®).

Applied SAFe® is a stand-alone product from PEDCO. It is a fully fledged ALM tool agnostic implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) as a process model and kept in sync with the current SAFe® version by Scaled Agile Inc. (SAI). Together with our partners, we ensure a smooth transition to agile, lean, efficient and compliant processes with Applied SAFe.

For further information or to schedule a free online demo please visit our website on www.appliedSAFe.com or get in contact with us at appliedSAFe@pedco.eu.

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