We give you an outlook to 2017, our new training offerings and a short summary on what we have accomplished last year.

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends

The year 2016 has been a fascinating year for PEDCO as we made big steps with Applied SAFe and the further development of our Managed Process Services.

In short, we:

  • Established a new Advisory Board with outstanding individuals.
  • Doubled on the number of partners to strengthen our global presence.
  • Released Applied SAFe 4.0 and Applied SAFe Essential 4.0
    Next public webinars for Applied SAFe presented with our collaboration partner Method Park on February 9th. Please register here for 9 AM CET or 4 PM CET
  • Performed 5 public process management seminars.
  • Attended actively with presentations and booths at 5 conferences worldwide.
  • As of today: We enlarge our existing Applied SAFe training program and release additional trainings for SAFe and Lean Agile – Process Engineering, HR and Lean Agile Compliance.

Some big thanks go to our partners like Scaled Agile Inc., Method Park and Blue Agility! Without their inspiring support, this would not have been possible. As you see in the picture above Peter Pedross and Stefan Küffer also practice standup’s together with Jennifer Fawcett, Carl Starendal & Michael Stump from Scaled Agile at their visit in the PEDCO Offices. Thanks a lot for your visit!

Yours sincerely

Peter Pedross, CEO & Founder

PEDCO Advisory Board

Every company needs good advice and help to steer its journey in challenging environments. We found outstanding individuals representing the spectrum of our industry, highly experienced and willing to support us on our successful journey. The advisory board provides strategic advice to steer the development of PEDCO and our product Applied SAFe. We are proud to have such outstanding individuals to advise us! Members of our Advisory Board are (in alphabetical order):

Global presence with the Partner Program

PEDCO’s Partner Program continues to grow. Since our start with the Partner Program in 2015, we have been able to double the number of partners within one year!

  • Blue Agility and PEDCO announced on Augst 19th a strategic partnership to accelerate and maximize benefits of lare scale agile implementations (Blog)
  • Partner Call on new capabilities with Applied SAFe (Blog) and Partner-Program (Blog & Recording)

Process Management

PEDCO continues and expands its series of free and public process management discussions in Zuerich together with the Swiss Association of Quality.

  • Together with our partner Blue Agility (USA) we presented about “Scaling Agile in Regulated Environments. Addressing the challenges of compliance” on Sept. 21st (Blog & Recording)
  • Legal requirements in agile contexts: E-Health (Blog)
  • Impacts of Agile on Project Management (Blog)
  • One of this year’s highlights was the experience learning session with Jennifer Fawcett, SAFe Fellow and Director of Service Delivery at Scaled Agile (https://www.linkedin.com/in/iffer). Jennifer is one of the first members at Scaled Agile und has a huge experience in this area; e.g. she was deeply involved in the SAFe Transition at NASA, USA. Jennifer gave us a short lightning speech and presented a possible approach (Blog & recording).

Applied SAFe® 4.0

We will continue to evolve our product with the further development of the Scaled Agile Framework, the feedback of our customers and our own experience. In 2016 we achieved the following mile stones:

  • Our built in tailoring configuration allows to instantiate different setups including the three basic configurations of SAFe, all from one single and expandable source.
  • February 4th – Just 15 days after the release of SAFe 4.0, which includes includes Lean Software and Systems Engineering, we were able to give preview of the new version of Applied SAFe 4.0 was shown together with Michael Stump, Managing Director EMEA, Scaled Agile Inc. (blog).
  • March 11th, release of the Applied SAFe 4.0 as it has been officially approved by Scaled Agile Incorporation from Boulder, Colorado; the inventors of the Scaled Agile Framework. (Blog)
  • Applied SAFe Essential was first announced by PEDCO on July 19th (Blog). Applied SAFe Essential allows to start small but still with a powerful implementation of Applied SAFe. This has the advantage that a company, or a department within a larger enterprise, can start with the minimum required for doing SAFe.
    The product release Applied SAFe 4.0 Matterhorn includes Applied SAFe Essential revised product options with a much more flexible license model and extensibility for all product variations (Blog).
    The Applied SAFe fact sheet describes all product variations. To open the documents just click on the icon.

  • Together with the Matterhorn Release, we released our new brochure describing all aspects of Applied SAFe, including a lot of implementation details.
    To open the document just click on the icon on the right:


We have been approached by customers that we should offer trainings not only for Applied SAFe but also provide training with our knowledge in process management, compliance, HR and SAFe. As of today, we present the following bookable trainings, workshops and packages:


Outlook 2017, PEDCO will be present at the following conferences and events:

  • Stages Insight Conference 2017 in Fürth Germany (Link) on March 29th
  • CMMI Capability Counts 2017 on May 16-17 in Washington, USA (Link).
    Peter Pedross, CEO & Founder of PEDCO, will have a presentation about ‘Scaled Agility in Regulated Environments
  • Agile in Automotive USA in Detroit, USA
  • SAFe Summit 2017, Oct 2-6th in San Antonio,Texas, USA
    Last years summit (Blog) was sold out and a great place to meet, discuss and learn with scaled agilist’s from all over the world.
  • Agile in Automotive, Nov 15- 16th in Stuttgart, Germany (Link)

In 2016, PEDCO participated at the following conferences and events:

  • OOP 2016 in Munich, Germany. We presented Applied SAFe 4.0 at the Agile Arena together with KEGON, Scandia and TNG. This was accompanied with a presentation about SAFe by Dr. Thorsten Janning (CEO KEGON and PEDCO Advisory Board Member) and its application by Peter Pedross – CEO and Founder of PEDCO (Blog)
  • March 17/18th, Stages insights Europe in Nürnberg, Germany, PEDCO was present with a booth at the yearly Stages Customers Conference as well as in the workshop “Process Management 4.0 – A methodical approach to success” (Blog)
  • Quality in Agile Environments: How to build an establish agile processes while increasing quality. Our CEO, Peter Pedross has been elected as member of the board within Swiss Association of Quality (SAQ). Peter has taken over this new role in addition to his existing role as president of the board for computer science at SAQ. In his inaugural speech at the Swiss Quality Day, he gave an overview on quality and scaled agility within regulated environments. The main event and the election was headed by Ruedi Lustenberger, president of the board at SAQ and former president of the Swiss National Counsel in 2014 of the Swiss parlament. (Blog)
  • October – Scaled Agile Partner Summit in Colorado, USA. Between October 25-28th, over 400 attendees from 17 countries trekked to Colorado for the first SAFe Summit, making it the largest gathering of its kind to focus exclusively on SAFe and its community of practice.
    It was a milestone in SAFe’s history, and one that we hope will have a long-lasting positive impact on those who attended. PEDCO attended with a booth and our CEO Peter Pedross (right in the picture) participated also in the workshop ‘Building Large and High Assurance Systems’, hosted by Dean Leffingwell (Scaled Agile Inc., left) (Blog).
  • November – Agile in Automotive Conference in Stuttgart, Germany: Achieve Scaled Agility and Compliance to Automotive SPICE with Applied SAFe.
    Stefan Küffer, Principal Process Engineer at PEDCO presented a very well received 2 hour tutorial on how to apply SAFe as an executable process model; achieve compliance with internal and external guidelines and standards and how to setup change initiatives based on real client experiences, lessons-learned, successes and failures (Blog).