Now entering its 10th year, Agile and Beyond attracts over 800 agile enthusiasts and consistently sells out every year by drawing premier speakers and the highest caliber technologists in the industry. This year located in Detroit, Michigan you will be able to find topics like “Dynamic Reteaming at Fast-Growing Companies”, “Let Me Tell You A Story: The Power of Storytelling in Agile Coaching”, “Maps over Backlogs: User Story Mapping to share the Big Picture”, and more!


We are excited to announce that our very own Peter Pedross, Founder and CEO of PEDCO AG, will also be speaking at this event. His speech will be on Friday, May 31st from 10:55 AM – 11:40 AM on the topic of: “Continuous Delivery Pipeline and DevOps in Scaled Agility”.


This speech will be great for:

  • Lean Agile Leaders, Quality Managers, Architects, Solution/Product-Manager, Requirements Engineers, CIO’s, Process Managers.


About the Topic:

Building large-scale software and cyber-physical systems are one of the most complex and challenging endeavors in the industry today. Lean enterprises focus on delivering the right solutions to customers with the highest quality in the shortest sustainable lead time.

There are some emerging practices from industries like Automotive-, MedTech, and Finance which approach this complexity in different manners. In this presentation, Peter will outline some of these aspects and discuss its pro’s and con’s and how it is applied in scaled agility such as for example in SAFe.

The Continuous Delivery Pipeline represents the ability to deliver new functionality to users far more frequently than current processes are able to. For some software systems, ‘continuous’ means daily releases or even releasing multiple times per day. For others, continuous may mean weekly or monthly. For large and complex systems, releasing the solution avoid taking an ‘all-or-nothing’ approach. Consider a satellite system comprised of the satellite, the ground station, and a web farm to feed the acquired satellite data to end users. Some elements may be released continuously—perhaps the web farm functionality. Others, like the hardware components of the satellite itself, may only be released every launch cycle. So, in a sense, continuous delivery means what you need it to mean—as long as the goal is to deliver far more frequently than now. In our satellite example, the more capability that gets moved to software, the more continuous the delivery can become, as those elements can then be decoupled from physical launch constraints. In all cases, the goal should be clear: more frequent delivery of value to the end user.

The Lean Startup movement has captured the imagination of business and technical leaders around the world. Inspired in part by the emergence of Agile methods, Lean Startup advocates recognized that ‘Big Design Up-front’ (BDUF), along with big-up-front financial commitment, is a poor way to foster innovation. It assumes and commits too much before having any validated learning. Instead, the Lean Startup movement embraces the highly iterative ‘hypothesize-build-measure-learn’ cycle.

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