2015 has been a fascinating year for PEDCO as we made big steps with the development and marketing for Applied SAFe®. We would like to thank our customers and partners for their continuous support during the year. A big thanks goes also to our collaboration partners Scaled Agile Inc. and Method Park; without their inspiring support, this would not have been possible. But right now, before everything else, we would like to wish you any your families merry Christmas and a happy new year!

This year was full of highlights and exciting surprises! Please find some of them below:

Applied SAFe® 3.0-3.5

  • April – The new major release Applied SAFe®  3.0 is available offering the complete content of SAFe® 3.0 and its subsequent releases (www.appliedsafe.com)
  • September – Applied SAFe®4 has been enhanced by several work product models and refined documentation, including also compliance mappings to Automotive Spice 3.0 and IEC 62 304
  • October – Availability of Applied SAFe®5 with the latest SAFe updates including the revised lean-agile leadership principles, extended documentation and a refined user and permission management on the PEDCO cloud (Release Notes)
  • We performed a two days training for Applied SAFe Quality Managers in San Jose, California on Nov. 28/29th together with our Partner Rome Agile.
  • November – Comprehensive documentation with the Applied SAFe® Process Handbooks. Come fly with us in the SAFe-Universe!

Applied SAFe® for SAFe® 4.0 (Lean Software and Systems Engineering)

  • March – SAFe® LSE (Lean Systems Engineering) goes Alpa (Blog)
  • April – Participation at the first Leading SAFe® LSE training in Boulder (Colorado, USA) (Blog)
  • Continued collaboration with Scaled Agile Inc. on development activities for SAFe 4.0

Global presence with the Applied SAFe Partner Program

  • Launched Applied SAFe® Partner Program in September
  • UFirst Group INC; a company with offices in Germany and USA (Blog)
  • Rome Agile; a company with offices in USA and India (Blog)
  • KEGON; a company with offices in Germany (Blog)
  • Zuehlke, a company with offices in Switzerland, UK, Germany, Austria, Serbia
  • ACM, a company with offices in Turkey

Conferences and Marketing exposure

  • Periodically – An extensive number of well-visited global webinars on Applied SAFe®
  • March – Applied SAFe® at the 2015 Stages Insight Conference in Germany together with Michael Stump from Scaled Agile (Blog)
  • September – Engineering Tomorrow’s Products: Scaled Agility and Compliance at the Stages Insight Conference in Detroit, USA, including a speech about scaled agility and compliance to Automotive SPICE (Blog)
  • October – Scaled Agile Partner Summit in Colorado, USA (http://www.scaledagilepartnersummit.com/)
  • October – Applied SAFe blog entry by Dean Leffingwell on “Accelerated SAFe adoption with Applied SAFe” including a video introduction (SAFa Blog)
  • November – Agile in Automotive Conference in Stuttgart, Germany: Achieve Scaled Agility and Compliance to Automotive SPICE with Applied SAFe® (Blog)

Outlook to 2016

  • We are currently developing the next version Applied SAFe®0 including Lean Systems Engineering which will better support engineering practices outside IT as well as large complex systems.
  • Version 4.0 will be presented at the OOP 2016 as part of the Agile Arena at the OOP 2016 which gives you an additional opportunity to meet us at the OOP in Munich, Germany, in February 2016.
    Visit the Agile Arena Special Day with speeches from our Partner KEGON (Thorsten Janning) and PEDCO (Peter Pedross).
  • Next public webinar for Applied SAFe®0 on February 16th at 4 PM CET.
  • On March 17th, we will be part of the 2016 Stages Insight Conference in Fürth Germany (Link)

Yours sincerely,

Peter Pedross, CEO

Applied SAFe 4.0 is In development!