PEDCO Value Proposition

We help your organisation in the set-up, selection, operation and further development of lean and effective processes. This allows you to direct your processes in compliance with the defined product and process guidelines, efficiently and with transparent costs.

Managed Process Services

Processes are to be designed in a flexible way and at the same time continually improved. This task calls for extensive knowledge and considerable experience in dealing with processes within the regulated environment. The continuous maintenance and improvement of processes require the experience and expertise of a team of specialists in this kind of work.

  • Do you want to understand how your processes perform?
  • You want to become more agile while still complying to process and product standards?
  • Do you want to benefit from current applicable process models while still retaining correct change management?
  • Is your process management team too small to maintain a professional process framework?
  • You want to externalize the further development and maintenance of processes?
  • You want to cut back on positions in non-core areas and outsource your process engineering to a specialist?
  • You want to design your processes in a form as flexible as possible and have them continually improved by a specialist firm?

Your Benefit

  • We support you in the assessment, creation, evolution or measurement of your existing processes. One of our core competencies is the change to lean and agile methodologies in large organizations, for complex product lines or in the context of regulatory compliance.
  • You are not running your own process engineering team or want to outsource it? No problem – move those activities into our responsibility and decide if service delivery is performed over our cloud service or your private cloud.
  • Our tool-based platform supports your teams with tailored processes and allows its compliant and efficient application.

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Applied SAFe

Building cyber-physical systems is a complex thing and it is becoming increasingly software-reliant, there is a growing demand for best practices to address conceptual and process incompatibilities between systems and software. Applied SAFe bridges that gap and does so in a modular, scalable, and adaptable way. Use the power and capability to support the growth of your process – from teams to enterprise – simple to complex – Applied SAFe has the tools, options, and support to achieve the enterprise goals and outcomes all while staying compliment with the organizations internal, external and regulated requirements.

  • Are you looking for increased engineering efficiency based on lean-agile principles?
  • Do you fear the extensive effort to develop your own implementation of scaled agility?
  • Do you want to scale agility over several enterprise levels based on SAFe?
  • Do you need to fulfill regulatory or compliance requirements in a lean-agile working environment?
  • Do you demand flexible and tailored processes as an executable process model?
  • Do you have to provide compliance gap analysis results and corresponding mitigation actions periodically?

Your Benefit

  • Flexible and customizable implementation of SAFe to reduce your adoption and creation investment
  • Base your next process engineering effort for Agile on an officially approved implementation and don’t ‘invent the wheel again’.
  • Operate the solution on an internal or external cloud service (our cloud is included in the license fee)
  • Stay in sync with forthcoming versions of SAFe and benefit from community best practices
  • Integrated state management of work products with reference model specific gap analysis reports
  • Easy integration of other process frameworks and extension or replacement of specific process areas
  • Achieve highest effectivity and compliance through the execution of individually tailored process instances

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Regular training has to be given about the processes and roles, and the role requirements have to match the skills of your staff. Process changes and role changes should be systematically integrated into the team’s understanding of the processes.

  • Do you need to design high class and compliant-ready processes?
  • Do you want to perform process management in a methodological approach?
  • Do you need to deeply understand the mechanics of Applied SAFe®, how it can be altered, extended and integrated into existing life-cycles?
  • Do you need to train your people for Agile methodologies in large organizations?
  • Do you need the knowledge to use Applied SAFe® for your daily work in the context of the Scaled Agile Framework and the underlying tool Stages from Method Park?
  • Do you want to externalize the training for your processes?

Your Benefit

  • Learn process management from the creators of Applied SAFe – Use our proven experience!
  • Learn about required proactive participation in leadership, portfolio management, and governance.
  • Increase your capability in the effective application of scaled agility over the whole enterprise.
  • Learn how to steer portfolio and product line development and its successful change approach within regulated environments.
  • Get specific trainings for the usage of Applied SAFe®, our tool supported platform for light-weight achievements of regulatory compliance in the agile context.
  • Enable your own process engineering team to perform process management independently for your enterprise.
  • Learn about the application of scaled agile methods while they work directly on your or our cloud-based managed process service.

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