SAFe® Program Launch Package

This training and coaching package is intended for those enterprises or organizations who want to launch their first Agile Release Train (ART). It includes the minimal elements to train all involved stakeholders and prepare sufficiently for the first PI planning session, launch the ART and improve the PI.


  • For onsite delivery as part of a real-world Agile Release Train, this package supports all stakeholders of an ART at the beginning of its SAFe journey

Delivery Objectives

After execution, you will have the following results:

  • Trained team members in the SAFe methodology
  • Well prepared backlogs and vision statements for PI Planning and ART Readiness
  • Facilitated PI Planning Event to launch the ART
  • Started PI Execution
  • First results for PI Improvements
  • Ability to drive, execute and improve the started PI

Package Elements

This package consists of the following elements:

  • Training SAFe® for Teams with SP Certification
  • 10 Coaching Days for the PI Planning preparation including business context, program vision, architecture vision, and backlog refinement
  • PI Planning Session (2-Days)
  • 5 Coaching Days to establish the PI Execution (SAFe Program Events, solution proposals to address feedback from the PI Planning Retro)


  • None, but trained lean-agile leaders (Leading SAFe® with SA Certification) would be an advantage
  • For onsite delivery as part of a real-world Agile Release Train

Package delivery over 4-6 weeks

SAFe® Practitioner (SP)

ART size up to 125

German or English, Training Material in English

PRICE (Delivery in Switzerland, only In-House)
Your individual In-House course offer is based on your ART size

Based on your specific requirements we organize this training as your individual company in-house course. Get in touch to discuss all potential options and its cost at