Experience Learning session on: Successful SAFe Implementation Approach (Eng.)

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is getting more and more into a ‘De-facto’-Standard for scaled agility. But how can such a frameworks be successfully implemented?

We were lucky to have Jennifer Fawcett with us here in Zürich. Jennifer is ‘SAFe Fellow and Director of Service Delivery’ at Scaled Agile (https://www.linkedin.com/in/iffer).
Jennifer is one of the first members at Scaled Agile und has a huge experience in this area; e.g. she was deeply involved in the SAFe Transition at NASA, USA. Jennifer gave us a short lightning speech and presented a possible approach. @Jennifer: Thank you so much for your insight’s and your willingness to share your experiences.

To watch the recording register here: Successful SAFe Implementation by Jennifer Fawcett  

The speech was followed by a discussion in the form of a world café; it was decided that only the speech will be public, the discussion itself was decided to be disclosed. The slides (PDF) has been sent to direct participants, if you want to get the slides please write an email to processmanagement@pedco.eu

Just some words

  • Members wrote down discussion topics and prioritized on the topics.
    1. Challenges around launching SAFe in regulated Environments
    2. When is a formal process needed
    3. How to share failures & anti patterns
    4. How to overcome hidden organizations
    5. How to identify anti bodies and change agents
    6. How to start ‘Go SAFe’
    7. How to deal with dogmatic people.
  • Most important topics were discussed
  • The session was closed at 8 PM and most members went for a drink in a bar close-by.

Thanks to all attendants for there openness and interesting insights!

Don’t miss the next opportunity to join personally and to learn from each other and to foster the network in process management.


Next Event:  Thursday, December 1st, 2016

When:                  18:00 Uhr – 20:00 Uhr
What:                   Auswirkungen von Agile auf Projektmanagment (German)
Where:                Au Premier, Bahnhof Zürich (Raum Rudolf)
Topic Owner:      Bernd Schachinger
Costs:                   None! This event is for free, the infrastructure is provided by the Swiss Association of Quality (SAQ).

Registration: Link to registration

Registered persons have the chance to see the recording and to download results from the meeting.

Under the umbrella of the Swiss Association of Quality  SAQ  – Computer Science we organize regular experience learning on the topic of process management. The events shall foster the exchange of experiences in process management; from practitioners for practitioners. You are invited to join this times topic on successful SAFe Implementation.

I am looking forward to your participation!


This is an experience learning in the format of a World-Café; its intention is to learn from each other and to foster process management in Switzerland.

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