PEDCO announces today the start of the SAFe® collaborator’s program with collaboration partners Scaled Agile, Inc. and Method Park. PEDCO and SAI are working together to support the development of PEDCO’s Applied SAFe.

Applied SAFe is a fully fledged ALM tool agnostic implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) as a process model.

“This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to exploring new entry points and approaches to adopting the Scaled Agile Framework®,” said Dean Leffingwell, Chief Methodologist and creator of the Scaled Agile Framework. “We are pleased to be working with such outstanding innovators as PEDCO’s Peter Pedross and his team. The potential to help ease the way for fully comprehensive SAFe adoption is enormous.”

“The SAFe® collaborators program allows us to partner with companies like PEDCO who have demonstrated superior capabilities in managed process services,” said Francis Kelly, Scaled Agile’s VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. “By leveraging their upcoming Applied SAFe process model with the SAFe methodology, PEDCO is well positioned to support enterprises seeking to customize and accelerate adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework.”

The Scaled Agile Framework® allows PEDCO to establish its product Applied SAFe® on the world’s most comprehensive framework for adopting Lean-Agile best practices across an enterprise. With the SAFe® collaborators program we have laid the foundation for staying in sync with the latest development in the agile world.

“The Scaled Agile Framework® was our natural choice to bring agile on a level to support enterprises seeking to customize and accelerate adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework,” said Peter Pedross, PEDCO’s CEO. “The SAFe® collaborators program allows us to combine the power of SAFe® with our own knowledge on process modeling into a strong product.”

Applied SAFe is implemented as a comprehensive, executable process model. It includes all roles, activities, templates, guidelines, milestones, and phases as defined by the SAFe methodology in order to bring the framework to life; including metrics and tailoring.  Applied SAFe is a ‘ready to go with’ implementation and allows organizations to start using the framework immediately.  Applied SAFe is a stand-alone product from PEDCO and is fully based on and kept in synch with the actual SAFe version by Scaled Agile, Inc.

“With PEDCO and SAI we have found exactly the right collaboration partners. The excellent process expertise of the PEDCO team combined with SAI’s market-leading Scaled Agile Framework® gives our customers a way of integrating agile practices into their current process landscape and become more efficient without having to start from scratch,” says Erich Meier, Method Park’s CTO and creator of the Stages process management tool.

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