Press Release, June, 22nd 2017       

Zurich, Switzerland – PEDCO announces the partnership with AgilityHealth® AgilityHealth is a leading Agile measurement and organizational growth platform.

PEDCO and AgilityHealth will work together in fostering the growing numbers of Applied SAFe customers; where PEDCO delivers its own product Applied SAFe® and AgilityHealth will help Applied SAFe customers measure the health and performance of their organization through quantitative, qualitative and business outcome metrics. AgilityHealth offers a portfolio of radars including SAFe Release Train Health, Portfolio Health and TeamHealth Radar in addition to several others.

Applied SAFe is PEDCO’s officially approved implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) as a fully-fledged customizable process model. AgilityHealth offers two radars constructed in tandem with SAFe to help organizations implementing SAFe regularly assess the health of their release trains as well as assess the health of the portfolio team implementing the SAFe portfolio. This collaboration supports our commitment to foster scaled agility on an enterprise level.

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We are excited about partnering with PEDCO and about linking AgilityHealth with Applied SAFe, so we can now offer AgilityHealth customers who want to scale using SAFe a seamless solution which combines the strengths of both platforms. AgilityHealth and Applied SAFe are both configurable and can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization; from a transformational perspective as well as from a process perspective. The combination of both platforms ensures we can help further drive continuous growth and produce measurable business outcomes based on metrics unique to our customers.

Sally Elatta, President, Agile Transformation Inc.

AgilityHealth is the perfect extension to our product Applied SAFe. Their SAFe-specific radars and other offerings, such as their TeamHealth Radar, fit right into our platform and allow us to provide specific, meaningful measurements as well as growth tools to our customers who are looking to mature their agile practices. Time and time again we’ve seen how healthier teams and release trains drive an organization forward and enable it to meet its business goals. AgilityHealth is a perfect platform to do just that in a scaled environment.

Peter Pedross, CEO, PEDCO

About AgilityHealth®

AgilityHealth is the leading Agile Measurement and Organizational Growth platform designed for companies scaling the adoption of Agile and Lean methods. Designed by real world Agile experts, it offers several radars to help measure and optimize the health of an organization. AgilityHealth provides a consistent way for measuring both quantitative and qualitative metrics for Teams, Programs, Portfolios and the overall Enterprise health and agility. It drives improvement and growth at each level of the organization and aims to engage leaders in this continuous growth process.


PEDCO – Managed Process Services is a public limited company based in Zurich, Switzerland and collaboration partner of Scaled Agile Inc., Boulder (USA) and Method Park, Erlangen (Germany). We support enterprises around the globe for process implementations within regulatory environments. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to set-up, select, operate, and develop lean, compliant and efficient processes.

Applied SAFe® is a stand-alone product from PEDCO. It is a fully fledged ALM tool agnostic implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) as a process model and kept in sync with the actual SAFe® version by Scaled Agile Inc. (SAI). Together with our partners, we ensure a smooth transition to agile, lean, efficient and compliant processes with Applied SAFe.

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