We give you an outlook to 2018, our new offerings and a short summary on what we have accomplished last year.

Dear Customers, Partners, and Friends

The year 2017 has been a fascinating year for scaled agility in regulated environments and our product Applied SAFe as SAFe is now the de-facto standard for Agile.

  • New release Applied SAFe 4.5 Denali including ‘Continuous Delivery Pipeline’ and enlarged automated Applied SAFe customization with more than 440 tailored options based on SAFe 4.5 “SAFe for Lean Enterprises”. SAFe 4.5 addresses both product and process compliance requirements and are excellently supported with our solution Applied SAFe.
  • SAFe is since 2017 the most popular scaling method with 28% and has overtaken Scrum/Scrum of Scrums with 27% (11th State of Agile Report by Version One). We say since 4 years that SAFe will be the ‘De-facto Standard’ and now it is a reality! Congratulation to our collaboration partner Scaled Agile Inc.
  • Established Applied SAFe in several industries like Automotive and Finance; case studies will follow this year.
  • Performed 6 public process management seminars in Europe and USA, attended actively with presentations and booths at several conferences worldwide.
  • Doubled again on the number of partners to strengthen our global presence, we are now present in the USA, Europe and Latin America.
  • Held several workshops and tutorials on Lean-Agile Compliance, Lean-Agile Process-Engineering and -Execution.
  • Held several trainings on SAFe (including public classes of SAFe for Teams) and process engineering.

Release of Applied SAFe 4.5 Denali

As of August 14th, PEDCO released the new version 4.5 of its product Applied SAFe. Applied SAFe® is our fully fledged implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) as a process model.

To learn more about new features advantages and benefits of Applied SAFe please visit our separate announcement.

One of our promises with our product is to stay in sync with actual versions: This releases our customers from the tedious work of analyzing each change in the framework, and let our customers easily stay on track with the latest development of the framework. Just as an indication for this feature; content change rate has been 53% from V2.5 to V3.0, 61% from V3.0 to V4.0 and 50% from V4.0 to V4.5

Applied SAFe serves as your own customizable instance of SAFe®. It includes all roles, activities, templates, guidelines, milestones and phases as defined by the SAFe® methodology in order to bring the framework to life; including metrics and tailoring. Applied SAFe is a comprehensive implementation of SAFe as a process model with a sophisticated customization mechanism that allows to instantiate each SAFe level independently but in line with the intended new SAFe configurations. For each of your endeavors just select the chosen SAFe configuration (e.g. Essential SAFe) and Applied SAFe tailors all elements accordingly.

Want to customize more specifically? Over 440 pre-built tailoring options give you the flexibility you are looking for besides of engineering your individual extensions. Share your knowledge via the integrated practice library and benefit from additional capabilities to reach compliance requirements like Automotive SPICE, HIPPA, CTR-180 (FDA), SOX, CMMI and many more while executing your lean-agile SAFe endeavor.

Outlook 2018

Announcement: Next version Applied SAFe4.5 Cerro Torre

We are planning to release our next update for Applied SAFe 4.5 early Q2 this year. It will include all changes of SAFe 4.5 as well as new features.

Applied SAFe will be further enhanced in the next versions with specific tooling practices, allowing to configure Applied SAFe for different tools as optional customization’s. This customization builds on our existing tailoring mechanisms and allows to to switch implementation tolls for each separate endeavor within seconds, without interfering with process or compliance.

Conferences 2018, with PEDCO participation

Outlook of upcoming conferences and presentations; visit our booth, we are keen to discuss your challenges and propose solution approaches:

  • OOP 2018 From 05 to 09 February 2018 the OOP 2018 takes place at the ICM Munich. Software / system architects, IT project managers and experienced developers from all sectors and company sizes meet regularly at the OOP. Here the experts from the IT department take the opportunity to inform themselves about the latest trends and techniques from the field. Here you have the opportunity to discuss promising concepts for future challenges and projects. As an exhibitor we support the OOP 2018.
    Our CEO, Peter Pedross will also give a lecture about ‘Scaled Agility in Regulated Environments’ at the OOP 2018 in Munich, Germany. Together with our partner KEGON, we will also organize the ‘SAFe Day’ on Wednesday February 7th, as part of the agile arena within the OOP.
  • Stages Insights Conference 2018, March 14th in Fürth, Germany
    The goal of the conference is to connect people from different industries with same mindset. Join the community to talk about efficient processes management – whether you are beginner, expert or decision maker. During one full day, process experts will share best practices and provide insights in new approaches.
    Since our product Applied SAFe is built on the world leading process management tool Stages from methodpark, PEDCO will be present with a booth and may be even with a speech about regulatory compliance within scaled agility.
  • Medtec Europe, April 17th-19th in Stuttgart, Germany
    Medtec Europe is the preeminent medical technology platform showcasing the key trends and insights across the entire supply chain of the medical technology industry. It also serves as a prime location for business opportunities and start-up companies looking to present their innovations to investors.  Meet leading manufacturers, suppliers, and distributers and discover the latest product innovations from all over the world. Medtec Europe brings together companies in the medical device supply chain in order to share ideas, meet partners, and discover, experience and source products & services from all stages of production in order to create the next generation of medical devices.
  • CMMI Capability Counts 2018, May 01-02 in Reston, VA, USA
    What are the impact of the next verison of Applied SAFe to agile development, what does it mean to be Agile and Compliant to Government, Defense, Military and other environments?
    Join hundreds of global business leaders dedicated to performance and capability improvement from an array of backgrounds, countries, and experiences. You’ll experience a series of workshops, keynotes, and interactive sessions focused on delivering actionable insights on what it means to be a capable, mature organization. Last years presentation of ‘Scaled Agility in regulated Environments‘ from our CEO, Peter Pedross was very well received and we will be present with a booth again at this years conference.
  • Agile in Automotive USA May 15th in Novi (Detroit), USA
    Building global Agile in Automotive momentum! After multiple events in Europe please join us for the 2nd Agile in Automotive Conference USA. This is the international conference on application of agile principles, methods, and practices in the development of automotive electronic systems, software, hardware, and mechanics. Use this unique platform to enhance your network and meet representatives from the industry, key players and OEMs! Get an excellent overview of the latest technologies and trends in the world of agile in automotive.
  • Regional SAFe Summit Europe, June 25th – 28, Frankfurt, Germany
    Join the first annual Regional SAFe Summit  in the beautiful city of Frankfurt, Germany. You can look forward to a full schedule of keynotes, sessions, and trainings ranging from basic SAFe leadership to advanced sessions for seasoned practitioners.
  • Euro SPI, September 5th – 9th in Billbao, Spain
    This conferences present and discuss results from systems, software and services process improvement and innovation (SPI) projects in industry and research, focusing on the gained benefits and the criteria for success. This year’s event is the 19th of a series of conferences to which international researchers and professionals contribute their lessons learned and share their knowledge as they work towards the next higher level of software management professionalism. PEDCO will be present with a booth and may be also with a presentation.
  • Global SAFe Summit 2018, Oct 1st-5th in Washington DC, USA
    The SAFe Summit is a must-attend event for individuals relying on SAFe to drive better business outcomes for their customer or employer. It’s where the SAFe community gathers to learn best practices, network with each other, connect with thought leaders and influencers in the industry, and see first-hand how enterprises are leveraging SAFe to continuously deliver value to the customer. Last years summit in San Antonio doubled in size compared to 2016 and was sold out. The SAFe Summit is a great place to meet, discuss and learn with scaled agilist’s from all over the world.
  • Agile in Automotive, Nov 15-16th in Stuttgart, Germany
    Join the 2018 conference on November 15th and 16th. Listen to what OEM have to say regarding Agile development, their experiences and expectations in supplier projects. Get insights in Suppliers’ experiences with Agile Software, Mechanical and Hardware development. Learn how your development organization can and must be transitioned to be more Agile in order to be future safe in the automotive business.
    Last years conference was sold out and our booth and tutorial on ‘Scaled Agility in Automotive’ very well visited, a success and great venue.

Want to organize participation of PEDCO at your events?

  • Get in touch if you want us to present topics from our experience around scaling agile in regulated environments at your in-house or open door event or conference. Contact us.

Global presence with our Partner Program

PEDCO’s Partner Program continues to grow; since July 2017 we have established new partner ships with several companies from Europe, USA and Latin America. We started also to have different kind of partners for transformation, tooling and training. Applied SAFe will be further enhanced in the next versions with specific tooling practices, allowing to configure Applied SAFe with different tools as optional customizations tailoring options build on our tailoring mechanisms.
The following are our latest partner agreements in alphabetic order:

  • CO-IMPROVE GMBH CO-Improve is an independent, owner-led consulting firm. Owner Dirk Meissner founded the company on January 1, 2012. He brought his many years of consulting experience with him. Before, Meissner had worked successfully in three consulting firms for more than 16 years overall – in the end as a partner: “I just wanted to deliver significantly better consulting results. I realized that we needed a new approach and internal culture. We had to combine consulting competence and industry experience with successful change management in the right way – and that was going to work best with a fresh start.”
    CO-Improve works primarily for medium-sized companies – but also for business units of larger corporations. We have consistently aligned ourselves with the requirements of typical medium-sized companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • GLADWELL delivers innovative, practically oriented training sessions and masterclasses for governments and businesses. Gladwell focuses on maximum return on investment and best value. Your learning goals are our starting point. During training sessions we listen to your feedback and incorporate this to ensure your objectives are reached.
    Gladwell Academy consists of a young, enthusiastic and ambitious team. Our trainers are active in a variety of fields and each trainer has its own specialization. Gladwell often invites guest speakers to bring the latest trends and to strengthen the link with daily operations. Our trainers are experienced and enjoy teaching.
    Gladwell is located in India and the Netherlands.
  • JUROPERA Digital readiness is a core quality to compete sucessful in today´s fast moving and customer centric markets.
    Digital readiness is an adaptive symbiosis of fundamental principles empowering successful organizations. Fundamental principles come from sources such as customer centricity, leadership, scaling lean & agile, beyond budgeting, innovation & creativity, employee development & empowerment, change management, OKR concepts and many more. The smart, sophisticated and permanent organizational adoption is an essential success factor.
    Juropera is located in Switzerland.
  • OUTPACE CONSULTING We offer a comprehensive selection of services to help your organization along its Lean Agile Transformation journey.  We start from where you are by listening and empathizing.  We partner with you to clearly outline your desired business outcomes, and how we will measure progress against your achievement of these outcomes.  We will then guide you through the creation of a vision and road-map to guide your journey, while creating transparency and alignment for all involved in your journey.  Next, we will guide you through your transformation milestones all at your desired pace, until you are internally enabled to sustain your ongoing journey without us.
    Outpace Consulting ins based in North Carolina, USA.
  • REEDUCA es una empresa con centro de operaciones en todas las regiones del país y enfoca sus actividades en proporcionar capacitaciones de robótica y software para la educación. Nuestra empresa la conforman un equipo de profesionales en tecnologías de la Información y robótica quienes están altamente capacitados y certificados para dar asesoría a estudiantes y profesores, además de proporcionar certificaciones en instituciones reconocidas a nivel mundial. Contamos con la infraestructura innovadora en equipos de computo y los conocimientos necesarios para cubrir las solicitudes de servicio que nuestros clientes requieran.
    Reeduca is located in Mexico, Peru and Paraguay.
  • TRANSPARENCY CONSULTING We offer a comprehensive selection of services to help your organization along its Lean Agile Transformation journey.
    Transparency consulting is based in Ohio, USA

SAFe® News

On June 21st Scaled Agile Inc. released SAFe 4.5. Here a brief summary of changes:

SAFe 4.5 is now called ‘SAFe for Lean Enterprises.’ This name was taken to better reflect how the new version of SAFe improves alignment and execution across the enterprise.  SAFe is for the business; not just for IT, and not just for software and systems development. SAFe is now even more lean, and more agile, and configurable. It fosters faster innovation, and learning, and helps enterprises get better, faster, business results, on a reliable basis. SAFe can now be configured to match your organization’s needs, and test ideas more quickly using the Lean Startup Cycle and Lean User Experience (Lean UX). Deliver much faster with Scalable DevOps and the Continuous Delivery Pipeline. Simplify governance and enable your portfolio to operate leaner with the Lean Portfolio Management function. The new SAFe Implementation Roadmap enables you to rollout SAFe more efficiently, and effectively, and get better business results much faster.

SAFe 4.5 maximizes the speed of product or service delivery, from initial idea to release, and from customer feedback to enhancements, providing a 360-degree build-measure-learn feedback cycle.

The SAFe 4.5 release focuses on the following key areas of improvements:

  • Essential SAFe and Configurability (Applied SAFe 4.0 users are already familiar with different framework configurations).
  • Innovation with Lean Startup and Lean UX.
  • ­Scalable DevOps & Continuous Delivery.
  • Implementation Roadmap replacing the former Implementation 1-2-3 Guidance.
  • Integrated compliance mechanisms explain how to evolve to a lean QMS (Quality Management System) that satisfies regulatory product and process requirements.
  • What’s New in SAFe 4.5? Read more.

SAFe is the most popular Scaling Method – 11th State of Agile Report by Version One

  • Scaling Methods and Approaches: SAFe (28%) has overtaken Scrum/Scrum of Scrums (27%) to be the most popular scaling method cited by respondents.
  • Top 5 Tips for Success with Scaling Agile: Executive sponsorship (48%), consistent process and practices (41%), implementation of a common tool across teams (36%), and agile consultants or trainers (36%) continue to be cited in the top five tips for successfully scaling agile for the past few years and likely points to the long-term importance of self-sufficiency when scaling agility. The top cited tip this year, internal agile coaches (52%), was a new entry into the top five. Read more.


We performed last year and will continue to offer trainings for SAFe®, Applied SAFe® and Lean-Agile. Based on our deep design and development experience with process engineering on the Stages platform we now also offer specific workshops and trainings, hence, created an additional training category for process engineering: