Applied SAFe is supported by a wide range of globally distributed partners. See first hand, what we communicate and offer to our global partners about Applied SAFe. Applied SAFe Partners are companies believing in scaled agility and the power of Applied SAFe as an implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) . Our partners have a proven track record to successfully transform organizations towards scaled agility, especially when it comes to levels where you have to comply with regulated environments e.g. pharmaceutic, transportation, aeronautic, medicine, finance or the automotive industry.

Our partners are trained in using the capabilities of Applied SAFe and have developed significant expertise in supporting large enterprises through every phase of a Lean-Agile transformation. Applied SAFe Partners provide training, consulting and coaching to support your Lean-Agile transformation using SAFe.

If you wonder what we communicate and offer to our global partners about Applied SAFe, watch the recorded session here:

The recorded session has the following content and takes 59 minutes:

  1. Overview of Key Changes with Applied SAFe 4.0
    1. Implementation fast and precise
    2. Customize specifically
    3. Establish compliance
  2. Details for each Applied SAFe 4.0 Level of Enterprise, Value Stream, Program and Team
  3. Exciting Benefits and opportunities for our partners
    1. Joint Trainings on Applied SAFe
    2. Joint Webinars and In-Course-Sessions
    3. Applied SAFe 4.0 Demo- and Playground environments
  4. Outlook, important dates and next steps
  5. Q&A