Outsourcing project monitoring and compliance

Your process landscape needs to be periodically checked and examined to ascertain its strong and weak points. The same applies for your project portfolio. Here, regular unbiased status reports help to keep your projects on track and to spot any emerging risks in good time and mitigate them.

  • Do you want an unbiased project monitoring?
  • Do you want an overview of the status of your processes and projects?
  • Do you want to have compliance monitored by a neutral party?

PEDCO Lifecycle Services help you to examine the existing processes and assess them. You are given a detailed report informing you of the strengths and weaknesses of your process landscape.

With PEDCO Process Services you obtain regular and independent status reports about your projects. The PEDCO evaluators are not your employees, so they can provide an independent monitoring of your projects and their compliance. Because we do not personally know the individual project members and their hierarchy, we can always pass on an unbiased picture to you.