How good is artificial intelligence (AI) in my very own business topic? I have tried this out on myself: I am overwhelmed and also a little scared!

ChatBot’s responses are so accurate, eloquent, and clearly worded. If I had gotten texts like this from our marketing a few years ago, I would have kissed their feet.

What amazes me most is the supposed expertise of the system. It recognizes acronyms like QMS (Quality Management System), Lean, and even the SAFe framework of Scaled Agile. Principles like ‘trust’ are addressed at ease; it’s really hard to believe. It even talks about, why it is essential to customize for each organization etc.

What do you think about the result?
– Easy, this is fascinating, so cool!
– It makes me think about the implications in the future.
– This is scary!

Let me know in the comments.

For those interested, here is the script of the interview in the original; not one word has been changed.