Are you sure that your software projects comply with all the applicable guidelines and regulations?

Regulatory and organisational requirements are becoming ever more demanding. Project productivity should be enhanced and the quality standards adhered to.

There are some emerging practices from industries like Automotive which approach this complexity in different manners.

Master the Complexity with Applied SAFe®

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Automotive Spice mapped to Processes

Ensure compliance with various reference models like Automotive SPICE, CMMI, ISO 26262 or your own company-specific reference models.

If you do not want to do this customization by yourself, we will help you to adapt the standard process implementation to your needs.


You will be supported and guided by Applied SAFe® in tailoring, while still maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements of each process instance.

Automotive tailoring question

Read what others have to say

“Regulatory environments discouraged many companies from the manufacturing industries to start an agile transformation process. With Applied SAFe these companies can not only prove that the development of complex physical products using SAFe still meets all regulatory requirements but also have a very performant tool to support a sustainable SAFe implementation.”

Dr. Dirk Meißner, Managing Partner, CO-Improve GmbH

“Implementing scaled agile organizations in regulated environments always means to define and to track agile processes. Applied SAFe® is a very valuable tool for an agile transition project in such an environment. You need less time and less investment in work to be able to implement a complete agile standard process.”

Dr. Thorsten Janning, KEGON AG

“For industries like Automotive you can imagine that it’s difficult to start an agile transformation process. However, by using Applied SAFe® in our organization we are able to prove that our work in development meets all regulatory requirements and that we are compliant within all our processes while working in an agile manner.”

Jacob P., Automotive Industry

Do you want to ensure compliance with your processes?

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