Join the Process Insights conference in Shanghai on November 7th, 2019, where experts will be discussing current trends, solutions and best practices for the management of complex engineering processes. PEDCO’s Applied SAFe partner, inspearit, will also speak about their experiences with SAFe and Applied SAFe in Mandarin.

The automotive industry is facing its biggest technological revolution, since the invention of the combustion engine. This is because of electrification, big data, interconnection, autonomous driving, and more. Industry changes like this are always associated with enormous impacts on the engineering of related systems. 

Agile product development and quality standards such as Automotive SPICE (ASpice) become a significant success factor in technology-driven organizations. With rise of agile development methods, the need of faster delivery has been even more increased. The management of according engineering processes must happen efficiently in order to succeed on the market.

That is why our Partner and software provider of Stages, Method Park and its partner HiRain Technologies, host the Process Insights China conference. 

In a one day conference with six presentations, participants will explore the latest methods, tools and best practices on how to uphold product quality through sustainably optimizing engineering processes. Whether participants are beginners, experts or decision-makers, the conference goal is to bring together people with the same mindset and challenges – and commonly discuss future proof solutions.

Arnold Ren, Principle Consultant at Why Innovation, a leading consulting firm in providing enterprise digitalization services in Asia who recently acquired our partner Inspearit China, will also have a speech about the Practices and challenges of integrating the scaled agile framework SAFe and Automotive SPICE.

Mr. Ren has 17 years of consulting experiences for customers in sectors such as automotive, finance, telecom, outsourcing. Besides his expertise in process improvement based on CMMI and A-SPICE, he is also an active agile coach and lead consultant in agile transformation programs. Organizational governance under both traditional and agile way of working is also his focus area.  

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Conference Topics at Process Insights 2019

What is Applied SAFe?

Applied SAFe® is for organizations in high assurance industries like Automotive, Pharma & Med Tech, Aerospace & Defense, Transportation, Finance or those in complex environments where an audit of processes usually is a fact of life. Such companies want to document processes and changes as well as share organization-specific implementation details to improve their overall value delivery. Applied SAFe® is built on the world leading process modeling tool ‘Stages’ from Method Park and is a fully fledged ALM tool which is an agnostic implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) as a process model. It ensures scaled agility throughout your enterprise while adhering to your defined process model.

With Applied SAFe® we offer all levels and functions of a development organization, customizable and extendable up-to-date content on a proven foundation for the application of Lean-Agile practices; allowing you to have reliable and compliant processes almost immediately. Unlike other manual ways where you need to document everything from scratch and don’t get automatic updates of new and improved practices, our solution allows you to benefit from learnings inside and outside of your organization and lets you focus on your implementation specific details to deliver value.


Automotive Spice in Applied SAFe