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Applied SAFe Factsheet

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Applied SAFe Placemat

PEDCO – What we do in 80 seconds

Why Applied SAFe?

Applied SAFe

Accelerate Transformation with Applied SAFe

As the name ‘Scaled Agile Framework’ already implies, SAFe is a framework and it needs to be adopted, extended, and interpreted for use in your enterprise. And you will do that! How do we make sure that we have a common understanding of SAFe?

Measures on Applied SAFe

Applied SAFe is a comprehensive implementation of SAFe as a Lean-Agile QMS. We showcase some metrics about the evolution of the framework, growth- and change rates, changes in tailoring. What are the implications for the new version SAFe 5.1 and how you can deal with it?

Finding relevant changes in Applied SAFe

When a new version of (Applied) SAFe gets published, the great question is: What has changed for me? What’s new? What is relevant in my new role? How can I simplify my work and reduce the amount of work to keep up with the latest improvements?

What’s New in Applied SAFe 5 0: Features & Advantages

We would like to inform you first hand about the new and exciting capabilities of Applied SAFe® 5.0

Topics Covered: – New version of Applied SAFe ® 5.0 – New materials for you – Upcoming trainings – Q&A

What is a process model? Explained.

A lot of people think about Processes as a process diagram, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. A very simple process picture turns into a model with a lot of information, optimized for each practitioner to ensure that the right information is at hand at the right time.

Applied SAFe Introduction

Applied SAFe is an interactive and ALM tool-agnostic framework of how to achieve business agility in a regulatory compliant way. Facilitated by customizable and tailorable descriptions with clearly defined roles, their interaction, and supporting artifacts, it enables a clear and common understanding for all participants.

Applied SAFe Introduction and Version 7 Demo

Applied SAFe Version 7 Sneak Preview

Introduction to All Levels of Applied SAFe

Our Capabilities

Customizing and Tailoring in Applied SAFe

Instantiation in Applied SAFe

Changing Role Names in Applied SAFe

piplanning app integrated in PEDCO’s Applied SAFe®

Applied SAFe and piplanning App Integration (Part 2)


Compliance in Applied SAFe

Functional Safety in Applied SAFe

Achieving Better Regulatory Compliance and Governance with Scaled Agility SAFe

Scaling Agile in Regulated Environments

Agile Development of Physical Products in a Regulatory Environment (German)

Safety in Applied SAFe (Deutsch)

Learning Nugget: Establish Compliance

Scaling Agile in Regulated Environments: Addressing the Challenges of Compliance

SAFe 4.0 – jetzt kann agil erwachsen werden – Skaliert agile Prozesse im regulierten Umfeld (German)

PI planning in regulated environements

Trailer with Peter Pedross


Compliance & Agile – Ep. 1


Forget compliance, just follow the process – Ep. 2


Regulatory requirements are our friends – Ep. 3


How to enhance SAFe for regulated environments – Ep. 4


Lessons Learned – Ep. 5


SAFe Topics

Supplier Management Webinar

PI Planning – „5 Things I wish I’d known“ by Stefan Küffer (Episode 3)

PI Planning – „5 Things I wish I’d known“ by Peter Pedross (Episode 6)

Learning Nugget: Solution work products on SAFe Value Stream Level

Learning Nugget: Value Streaming and Budgeting on the Portfolio

Lean Agile

Lean Agile Requirements in Large Scale Complex Systems (Part 1)

Lean Agile Requirements in Large Scale Complex Systems (Part 2)

Mixing Agile and other Life Cycles in Large Scale Complex Environments

Previous Versions of Applied SAFe

Applied SAFe and its Partner Program in 10 Minutes

Applied SAFe 4.5: Features, Advantages & Benefits

SAFe in Stages – the Scaled Agile Framework in Practice

Applied SAFe 4.0: Implementation and its Mechanisms

Applied SAFe 3.5: Introduction

News & Demo Matterhorn with Essential SAFe – Oct. 2016

Learning Nugget: Customize and Extend